What Happens if you put too much Developer in Hair Color
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in the present generation coloring, the hair has become very much trendy. You can find 4 out of 10 people have color on their hair or have used color once in a while. But what happens if you put too much developer in Hair Dye?
Well, in this article we will cover everything with a solution to it.

Usually, the hair dye that you buy from the market comes in two bottles, one is hair dye and another one is the hair color developer. The developer can be of different energy that is 10 volumes, 20 volumes, 30 volumes, and even 40 volumes.

In some dyes, the developer’s strength represented as a percentage. Once you open the pack of developer; make sure you use that within 12 months. Always look for the date on the pack because developers can go bad if it is used over time or just left open.

What does Developer do to Hair?

What does Developer do to Hair

Before you got to know about the uses of developer you need to first know how hair developers work? We can describe developers as activators. Without developers, any kind of hair color will be effectless. By the use of a developer, the hair color stays permanently on your head. The quality of hair color can get better depending on the strength of the developer.

  • If you add too much developer in the hair dye, the hair color will end up diluted, which will make the color softer and lighter. Adding too much of developer in hair dye can damage your hair.
  • But on the other hand, if there is not enough developer in your hair dye, your hair won’t absorb the pigment and you’ll get uneven hair color which is surely not what you want.
  • You should blend your hair dye with the developer in balanced proportions.

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Does Developer Damage Your Hair?

Does Developer Damage Your Hair

Hair developer doesn’t directly damage your hair. When the developer is applied directly to hair it is not activated so it has no serious effect. Always store Hair developer in a cool place, away from sunlight. Do not store in a hot environment or with an open cap. Your hair cuticle gets damaged while mixing developer with color. You can always use hair bleaches with the least damage for your hair.

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Mixing Hair Dye and Developer

First of all, if you’ve already made the color mix and you are not sure if you have added too much or less developer in it, I will suggest you, throw the paste and start preparing a new one.

It’s true that you might have to go to the market to buy another packet of hair dye, but that’s way better than getting a hair color you don’t want, or in the worse case, an odd or uneven color.

It is true that the balance of developer and hair dye needs to be very specific and you must put exact quantities together to get the most beneficial results.

Just think about baking a cake. If you add a very small quantity of yeast, your dough won’t be fluppy, and on the other hand, if you don’t use the right amount of flour precisely when you are making a cake, the dough won’t be correctly formed to be baked.

Same goes with hair dye and developer, if you don’t mix these items in right proportions, you will be far away from the results you were intending to get.

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Solution for too much Developer in Hair Dye

I have some good news for you even if by any mistake you’ve added too much or less developer to the dye, don’t panic, because this time we have come up with a solution for you.

So, stick around till the end of this article, because we will suggest you:

  • What is the exact ratio of dye to use with the developer?
  • What to do if you unknowingly mess up the balances of dye and developer?

Don’t worry, you won’t have to do multiple calculations or to solve any math problem. Here we will provide you the exact and accurate recipe, so your dye never disappoints you in the future.

We have already said at the beginning of this article that the exact ratio of developer to hair dye should be 1:1.

Exactly How Much Developer to use with Hair Dye?

how much Developer to use with Hair dye

Therefore, if you are thinking about buying the tube of hair dye and developer separately, following these rules can save you from a lot of trouble:

If the container of dye is 50 ml, mix it with 50 ml of the developer.
If the container of dye is 65 ml, mix it with 65 ml of the developer.
If the container of dye is 75 ml, mix it with 75 ml of the developer

But, what to do if you have got a dye color kit with both dye and developer in the same package?

Believe me, you don’t have to worry about it at all because, inside that package, both products that you’ll need will be in the exact same quantities.

It’s important that you use the exact required amounts and mix them. Because, if you don’t, the hair color won’t be able to provide you the wanted result.

What Volume Developer should I use?

For applying the hair color permanently use volume 10, because it will be better. Many toners in the market use volume 10 because it is not that damaging or least damaging. If 50% of the hair is grey, then you can go for volume 20 developer to get a natural look. If you are bleaching at home we will suggest you, to go with volume 20 and 30 to be in the safe zone.


It’s a very vital time when you make the paste to dye your hair, you should always use precisely the right ratio of hair dye and developer, which should always be 1:1.

If you add more developer, your color will end up dim and light, and if you add excessive dye, you can end up getting uneven hair color.

Although both of these problems have solutions as we already mentioned above, it’s always a better idea to just throw the paste and make a new one, this time be more careful about maintaining the correct balances.


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