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Organic Purple Hair Color

Purple hair is not at-all a natural hair color, but that doesn’t stop people from dyeing their hair in order to achieve this pretty purple look.

In order to get a really vibrant and healthy-looking natural hair dye, you need to find the right dye, and treat your hair properly after coloring at home.

With plenty of shades in both permanent and semi-permanent formulas, you’re sure to find the best purple hair dye to suit your needs.

Finding the best natural and organic purple hair dye for your hair means reading reviews and studying product features.

With the right organic purple hair dye, switching up the color of your locks can become a quick, over-and-done with task.

We reviewed a dozen of purple hair dyes to identify the best of the best, based on Amazon reviews, how well they performed in tests, cost, and other considerations.

We narrowed our search down to 3 of the top-rated and best organic purple hair dyes you can purchase to ensure a bright and vibrant hue without using any harsh chemicals on your hair and body.

purple hair dye

How to Dye Your Hair For Proper Purple Hair Color?

Wash hair with a deep cleansing/clarifying shampoo. Do not condition.

Dry hair with a blow dryer to make sure the hair is extremely porous.

placed on gloves and apply Manic Panic Hair Color employing a tint brush ensuring hair is thoroughly saturated.

Comb through the hair color to form sure it’s evenly applied. The cream may become slightly frothy.

Cover hair with a cap of plastic and leave on for 30 minutes. For more intensity, add heat.

Rinse with cool water faraway from your face and body until the water runs clear. Do not shampoo.

Style as desired. To prevent color transfer or bleeding, always confirm your hair is totally dry.

Pro Tip:

Use a hair dryer to evenly apply heat for 5-10 minutes of your processing time. This will help to open up the cuticle and permit the Manic Panic hair color to raised penetrate the hair strand. Make sure to allow the hair to cool completely before rinsing out color.

best purple hair dye

First of all, here we will talk about three natural and organic options for purple hair dye. These products do not contain any harsh chemicals, this makes them perfect for people who love to use organic and natural hair dyes. There are many healthy options available in the market right now, but choosing one which will work best for you is a hard job to do. But, you don’t have to worry about it at all. as we have examined more than 10 organic purple hair dye and we have listed down 3 best purple hair dye which will give you professional look and feel, on the other hand, they won’t damage your hair, and your hair will feel nourished too.

3 Best Organic Purple Hair Dye By User Ratings

1. Manic Panic Purple Haze Hair Dye – Semi Permanent Hair Dye

Manic Panic Purple Hair Dye

Manic Panic is a leading name in the hair color rebellion since 1977.

For over 40 years, they have worked continuously to make sure their formulas remain the absolute best on the market.

They are constantly listening to the customers’ feedback, and are ahead of the trends by starting them!

They are often imitated, but never duplicated… Manic Panic isn’t just a brand, it’s a lifestyle!

Manic Panic Hair Colors are 100% vegan, cruelty-free hair color with conditioners that add moisture to hair that has been pre-lightened.

Semi-Permanent Hair Dye
Fortified with Conditioners that Add Moisture to Pre-Lightened Hair
Ready-to-Use Hair Dye
Last 4-6 weeks on pre-lightened hair

2. Arctic Fox Vegan and Cruelty-Free Best Semi Permanent Purple Hair Dye

Purple Hair Color Dye

Arctic Fox Hair Color may be a semi-permanent substantive dye, that means it solely deposits color; no developer needed! This is one of the best purple hair dye.

All semi-permanent colors can fade, however not all fade equally. fox purple hair dye is developed not to fade inside the first month, thus the color does not fade easily, the shades can still be constant beautiful hue.

This best purple hair dye conjointly implies that your base color is incredibly necessary to your outcome. For the foremost vivid, lasting results, apply to pre-lightened hair.

Made solely from vegetarian ingredients with no animal by-products. No harmful chemicals in fox dyestuff that injury the hair like chemical based mostly hair colours.

Arctic Fox hair dyes are for frequent use and truly conditions your hair because it restores your tone.

Long lasting colours, Smears Less, Sweet Scent, No Peroxide, No Ammonia, No alkyl Alcohol, No PPD.

Most vibrant results on pre-lightened hair
Super Conditioning + Zero Damage
Lasts up to 6-8 weeks on average but depends on your hair type and hair care routine
Made in Southern California

3. IROIRO Purple Premium: Natural Semi Permanent Purple Hair Dye

Natural Semi Permanent Purple Hair Dye

Natural 100% organic copra oil, natural yuzu-cranberry fragrance and natural preservative.

Iroiro doesn’t contain noxious, petro-based chemicals and artificial preservatives.

Long lasting, easy-to-apply cream based color with additional acquisition mostly for softer hair.

Semi – Permanent Hair Dye
Fortified with Conditioners that Add Moisture to Pre-Lightened Hair
Ready-to-Use Hair Dye
Last 4-6 weeks on pre-lightened hair

If someone is looking for a fresh change in their look, I would say coloring their hair can be the best way to do so. There are many beautiful shades available in the market to choose from, while purple hair dye is an attractive option ( uncommon too) if you want to transform your hair totally. It looks classy, sophisticated, and gorgeous but you have to carry this with great confidence.

Most of the people go to a hair professional to prepare their hair, but a single appointment with the professional can cost them anywhere between $100 to $500 or more. So why not give the DIY approach a chance? Believe me, all you require is the best purple hair dye and a little knowledge and you’re good to go.

But selecting the right purple hair dye can be pretty challenging and stressful. Most products don’t live up to their reputation or hype. Some of these dyes can cause soreness, irritation especially if you have delicate skin. On the other hand, there are many products that won’t last as long as one would expect for that price tag.

But the good news is that even after so many negative points there is still a lot of options to choose from. And you can get salon-like professional results from the comfort of your own place.

Top 8 Best Purple Hair Dyes in 2020 Reviewed By Editor

Best Purple Hair Dyes

Deciding the best purple hair dye is a time-consuming job. You need to analyze their prices, read some reviews, count out the pros and cons, etc. To save you from the trouble, here we have evaluated the best purple hair dyes for vibrant hair.

1. Joico Intensity Semi-Permanent Purple Hair Dye

Joico Intensity Semi-Permanent Purple Hair Dye

If you’re worried that your hair can get damaged by using a hair dye, Joico Intensity hair color is the best choice for you. It is infused with hydrolyzed keratin and borage seed oil that helps to relax from scalp sensitivities and improves blood circulation.

On the good note, it contains kukui nut oil that helps to strengthen your hair. The rich pigments provide you a bright purple color. The effects are long-lasting with a single-use, and it will last you up to 12 shampoos.

Its non-drip formula is very helpful while applying the product, and the application is not messy. One more thing is that this product creates a radiant shine to your hair. Hair dyes mostly have strong smells, this one doesn’t smell that bad.

Furthermore, it won’t leave any patchiness or stripes. People who have used, say that it gives consistent results. If you require a vivid purple hair dye, we advise you to use this product but first bleach your hair with a good hair bleach. That way you’ll get the best results.

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The only thing that can be difficult using this product is that the product is a little thick. You might want to add a conditioner for maximum effects and an even application. Moreover, you’ll love every little thing about the product.

2. Garnier Olia Bold Ammonia Free Permanent Purple Hair Dye

Garnier Olia Bold Ammonia Free Permanent Purple Hair Dye

Garnier Olia is formulated with 60% natural and essential oils, Olia gives you dazzling hair color and also add shine to your hair in this process. This hair dye formula is totally ammonia-free, so it’s fit for you even if your scalp is sensitive towards the hair dyes. This product contains natural flower oils that help to reduce roughness, dryness, and improves texture of your hair.

This product will make your hair healthier and will keep your hair hydrated too. Olia has a nice aroma because it doesn’t have that awful ammonia which smells really strong. The main highlight of this purple hair dye has to be its powerful formula that works excellent even if you have dark hair. You can always expect a gorgeous purple vibrancy and bouncy hair.

Garnier Olia purple hair color does a precise job of concealing the grays. And if you’re preparing to go for the best purple hair dye, Garnier Olia is what you need.

Considering it’s a permanent purple hair color, you can expect the color to last at least 30 shampoos. Try to use a sulfate-free shampoo to make the color last longer.

The color kit also includes an after-color hair conditioner which will helps to nourish your hair.

3. Adore Creative Image Semi-Permanent Purple Hair Dye

Adore Creative Image Semi permanent violet Hair dye

Adore Creative Image Hair Color doesn’t contain any harsh controversial chemical ingredients like parabens, ammonia, or alcohol. It provides your hair a fresh shine and coats your hair with beautiful-looking purple color.

This product is enriched with organic and natural ingredients. When you use this product it adds moisture to your hair and your hair won’t feel like straw again. Furthermore, it gives a professional salon-like finish so you can anticipate the best results at home.

Coloring hair at home can be tough particularly for beginners. Thankfully, with this hair color that’s not the scene. This product has a non-drip formula and the application of this hair dye is very simple.

Your hair strands will be shining. Additionally, this hair dye will condition your hair while coloring. The long time this color stays on your hair is absolutely amazing.

Special thanks to its anti-fade code, this hair color will last for more than a month, easily. On the other hand, when the color fades, it fades gracefully. Your hair color will look completely astonishing even during that color change.

Most important is that, this product doesn’t damage your hair.

4. Special Effects SFX Hair Color, Deep Purple Hair Dye

Special Effects SFX Deep Purple Hair Dye

Here we are introducing you Special Effects SFX purple hair dye. This one is a vegan-friendly purple hair dye that gives professional results from the very first use. This product is Made in the USA, Special Effects SFX is a semi-permanent purple hair dye but to our surprise, this one lasts 4 to 6 weeks depending on different circumstances.

The exciting fact about this hair dye is that you’ll get excellent outcomes even when you have dark hair. Still, for the most reliable results, one should first bleach their hair, hair bleaching can be quite effective, but always try to find the best hair bleach with least damage. Not only does it cover your hair with your desired shade, but it also makes them healthy, soft, and silky.

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On top of that, when it fades, it fades perfectly. You’ll even like the faded color as much as the dark purple shade. Its conditioning properties will keep your strands safe.

Thanks to its excellent formula, it is also easy to spread the color evenly and makes your hair look absolutely beautiful. Always try to wash your hair properly after dyeing them to wash away the excess color. Furthermore, you should use your old pillow covers on the day you dye your hair.

5. L’Oréal Paris Colorista Semi-Permanent Hair Color

L’Oréal Paris Colorista Semi-Permanent Hair Color

If you do not want a bright, glowing purple tone, then you should go with L’Oreal Paris Colorista Hair Dye. The hair dye doesn’t contain anything that can cause irritation and it has a 100% ammonia-free formula. This product gives you rich colors, but it never leaves your hair dull and dry, it makes your hair shinier and healthier than earlier.

This one is a semi-permanent dye that only lasts 5 to 8 shampoos. If you want to dye your hair crazy purple only for a while, this hair dye is a perfect option you can go with.

Its non-drip formulation won’t stain your favorite clothes or your wooden floor. This is the best fit for light brown or blonde hair. If you have darker hair, this product might not be the right option for you. Hence, you can consider bleaching your hair if you select this product. But as we always say, choose a less damaging bleach from this list.

This product doesn’t contain any harsh toxic ingredients.leave the dye on your hair for about 35 minutes for the best result. Still, you have to be careful, as allergic reactions are still possible for people who have sensitive skin type. Therefore, a patch test is recommended before you apply this on your scalp.

6. Punky Purple Semi-Permanent Conditioning Hair Dye

Punky Purple Semi-Permanent Conditioning Hair Dye

Who does not want a gorgeous look? But what to do when you are on a low budget? You can choose this option. Buy Punky Purple Conditioning hair dye that claims a 100% vegan recipe. This hair purple color doesn’t contain any acid dyes. Therefore, you don’t have to bother about scalp staining.

There are many people who are allergic to hair care products, especially hair colors, for them this is the best pick. This formula doesn’t comprise on parabens, ammonia, PPDs or GMOs. You can get a great result, a lot more than just hair color, with this product. We will talk about those in a moment.

This hair dye is packed with color-enhancing keratin which helps in long-lasting results.

this hair dye is a perfect fit for everything, whether it’s highlighting, root touch-ups, or just color. If you want to try new things, you can mix different shades to get a custom color tone as per your need. Is not it exciting?

Now you can turn the game of hair dyeing using this semi-permanent purple hair dye. Above all, it smells like grape candy, wow? The application of this product is simple, and special thanks to its texture, which is just perfect thick.
This product will work for all hair tones, but I will suggest you, go for bleaching for a really gorgeous finish. The only minus point of this product is that it does leave little strains on clothes, towels, pillow covers, etc. So, just keep this thing in mind and you are good to go with this one

7. Pravana Vivids Locked in Purple Hair Color

Pravana Vivids Locked Purple color

If you don’t have any experience whatsoever but still taken the DIY route, Pravana Vivids Locked in Purple hair dye is an excellent option for you. It is very easy to apply. This hair dye doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals, strong smells, and does not contain any toxic ingredients.

Some people have sensitive skin but they don’t have to worry about scalp irritation as the formula is very soothing. This hair dye will help your hair look healthy, strong, and silky. Furthermore, its moisturizing ingredients conditions your hair.

How to Choose the Best Purple Hair Dye?

There are numerous shades of purple hair color out there and you can pick the one that best suits your requirements. Here are a couple of things to pay special attention to when purchasing a purple hair dye.


Ammonia can harm your hair. So, your hair can get dry, fragile, harsh, and looks undesirable. It can likewise cause hair thinning. So, when searching for hair color, go with an ammonia-free recipe. You have to stay away from different harsh chemicals, for example, parabens, phthalates, alcohol, and so on. With an Ammonia free composition, you can have confidence that your hair won’t be harmed during the coloring procedure.


How is this considered organic?? So many chemicals on the list plus fragrance.

Iroiro purple hair color is proud to say that its main ingredient is organic coconut oil. All the preservatives are plant-derived and natural. One of the best purple hair dye.
Even their fragrance is derived from natural yuzu-cranberries. Unlike other brand of semi-permanent hair colors in the market, Iroiro does not contain any harsh petroleum based chemicals, artificial fragrance, synthetic preservative, or other harmful chemicals.

Is there a permanent purple hair dye?

This answer totally depends on the definition of permanent to you. If you’re imagining a dye that will remain forever, then its a NO!
A “permanent purple hair dye” will last you 10 weeks at max too max. Still, that depends on various factors such as the health of your hair, the kind of shampoos you use, the hair dye you used to lighten the hair tone, etc.

Is purple a good hair color?

Yes. Purple hair color looks really complimentary, gorgeous, and beautiful. If you’re thinking to transform your curls, a purple hair color would be perfect for you.

Can I use purple dye without bleaching my hair?

Yes, you can get a dark purple shade if you’re a brunette. But it is not easy to get lighter shades of purple. If you have black hair color, then you’ll only be able to get a few shades of purple, only warm shades.

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