Polo Red Intense vs Extreme: Which One is Better for You?

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Ralph Lauren is one of the popular names in the Hollywood fashion industry that is straight linked with elegant style and class. Ralph Lauren launched a perfume line, which is known as Polo, in 1978 with different flankers issued in the next few years, including Polo Sport, Polo Blue, and Polo Crest but there is one flanker that has created a sensation in the world of perfumes, and that is Polo Red.

Polo Red was launched in the year of 2013 by the expertise of Olivier Gillotin, Polo Red is a smooth blend of classic coffee beans and delightful citrus spiced with sweet-smelling undertones. This coffee bean note appears to be the prime theme of the cologne’s flanker collection as its luscious smell is prominent in all three perfumes.

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Polo Red Intense vs Extreme

The other two flankers in the Polo Red collection is Ralph Lauren and Red Intense and. Like any other flanker collection, the question you can get the most is about one being better than the other, but which one?, Red intense or Red Extreme? So, today this article is about polo red intense vs extreme.

In this article we will talk about both Ralph Lauren perfumes, comparing their strengths, smells, and overall execution. This article will undoubtedly reveal the clear winner.

Polo Red Intense vs Extreme: I have already worn each one, but which one is the better buy? Which one remains longer? Smells the best? Here I will break down each one by category, before revealing an ultimate champion.

Polo Red Extreme

Polo Red Extreme

Notes Include: blood orange, coffee, ebony wood, red pineapple, red ginger, cocoa absolute, ambery woods, and more.

Polo Red Extreme is a Modern perfume that’s remarkably pleasing and refreshingly unusual. Polo Red Extreme was released in late 2017, got quick popularity and significant praise, Red Extreme represents the spirit of the ultra-masculine man who pushes limits and breaks every boundary with his excellent beast strength and absolute willpower.

The perfume’s strong masculinity is because of its top notes of red pineapple, red ginger, and blood orange. It’s equally mesmerizing heart notes are built of red sage, red saffron, and classic black coffee, and nevertheless, its stable base notes include ambery woods, cocoa absolute and black ebony wood.

Polo Red Intense

Polo Red Intense

Notes Include: cranberry, coffee, leather, grapefruit, ginger, amber, lavender, lemon, cedar, sage, saffron, and more.

Polo Red Intense on the other hand is all about the woody scent with a spicy silhouette. Polo Red Intense was released all the way back in 2015 with Polo defining it as being inspired by fast racing supercars.

As the name tells you, the intensity in Polo Red Intense is compared to the adrenaline-pumping excitement produced by racing cars. If you use this perfume, you’ll be taken on a high-speed drive of powerful, sweet-smelling aromas that will no doubt satisfy your nose and brain and win you a few more followers, who will admire you the whole time.

The top notes of Polo Red intense begin with saffron, cranberry, lemon, and grapefruit all surrounded by the passionate aroma of its heart notes of lavender, coffee, sage, and sweet ginger. In the end, it settles down to its woody base notes of leather, red cedar, and amber.

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Polo Red Intense vs Extreme – The Comparison


Polo Red Intense opens with an observable fruity smell consolidating lemon and cranberry. This fruity smell is supplemented by notes of wall coffee, saffron, sage, and ginger that are liable for its spicy profile.

Polo Red Extreme, on the other hand, opens with tops notes of blood orange, coffee, and a touch of cranberry which is ordinary in all Polo Red flankers. You’ll no doubt fall in love with the fascinating fragrance of blood orange in Red Extreme.

Red Extreme observably includes a heavier coffee flavor than Red Intense. Take nothing from Intense yet, it actually presents a fruity aroma that goes like charm in blend with its spicy profile.

These two colognes present extraordinary openings that are both satisfying to their buyers. Numerous vibes with the fruity scent of Red Intense while others favor the solid coffee notes in Red Extreme.


With names like Extreme & Intense, a fragrance with a solid sillage shouldn’t be too much to ask for. Fortunately, both of them wins on this field.

Both Red Extreme and Red Intense has an amazing projection that is obvious from even a long distance. This is uplifting for users who will get appriciation when they step into a room full of people.

If you want to get noticed, then you should go for Red Extreme as it has way better sillage than Red Intense.

But again, both of the Polo perfumes give remarkable longevity. You can wear any of these two whenever you want a sweet refreshing fragrance to keep you going for the whole day.

Polo Red Intense stays around 7-9 hours and gives an intense performance. On the other hand, Polo Red Extreme goes extreme with 8-10 hours of longevity. Certainly, there isn’t much difference between the two, which means that the slightly longer staying Extreme has the point over Intense that makes it the clear winner if you love long lasting perfumes.


Intense and Extreme exhibit the same level of versatility. You can wear any one of the two, to work or to a romantic dinner if you want. They both perform better in a cool temperature and would do better for a night out.

Both of these Polo fragrances perform the best through winter and autumn. As far as versatility is concerned, Red Intense and Red Extreme are the same levels.

Final Verdict

Polo Red Intense is a wonderful perfume that has a warm, fruity smell that is refreshing and should impress any perfume enthusiast out there. It presents great versatility, impressive longevity, and a decent sillage to make you stand out from the rest.

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However, Polo Red Extreme always comes out on top whenever there is a comparison. Red Extreme provides a more powerful sillage and offers a few more extra hours of extreme performance and longevity.

Some people, still, do not vibe with the blood orange note in Red Extreme’s opening notes. This is why this comparison comes down to personal choices and personal favorites.

Some people simply choose Red Intense while others prefer Red Extreme, but when it comes to the overall better performer, in my opinion, Red Extreme comes out on top by a slim margin. You can also read our Creed Aventus Men’s Perfume Review.

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