how to roll a piggyback spiral perm
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Using a Perm technique helps in changing one’s hair texture for a specific period of time. The Piggyback Perm method is usually implemented to achieve natural-looking curls. However, Straight Hair Perm is also one of its varieties.

Piggyback perm is the kind of perming technique that usually appropriate for women having hair lengths down their waist. Just like any other perms, Piggyback perm can similarly be achieved through a perming kit yourself without an expert’s help.

What is a Piggyback Perm?

piggyback perm

Piggyback perm is mainly done on hair with long length. In the case of a piggyback perm, you have to wrap around a lot of hair around a single perming rod.

For this process, your entire need to be split into about 5 to 6 parts, and two perm rods are used per section of the hair. The idea behind the piggyback perm technique is to get more even curls on long hair.

Piggyback Perm Vs Spiral Perm

Spiral Root perm is done to achieve a spiral pattern of curls. This method normally requires a large number of perm rods to be fixed in your hair. The shape of the hair may look like thin coiled curls. Still, your curls look less natural because of the extreme curls.

You have to use long curling rods and set them vertically in your hair. This perm is ideal for you if you have a hair length of at least eight inches. while doing spiral perm one rod overlaps the other because of the way the strands are wrapped.

Where in the case of a piggyback perm, only two perm rods are used in each portion of your hair. In this technique, half of your hair is wrapped spirally around the rods with an overlying procedure. The ends of the segment are wrapped in the same way as a standard perm. It is wrapped in a croquignole way (a method used in waving the hair by winding it on curlers from the ends of the hair toward the scalp).

Most Popular Piggyback Perms

Piggyback perms can be implemented in several methods. The most important role in the determination of the process to be used while perming is the length of the hair.

Piggyback perm for long hair

Piggyback perm for long hair

When you are having long hair, the hair needs to be divided into small and smaller sections where each subsection will hold two perming rods of different sizes. Smaller rods must be placed at the base and bigger ones at the top.

The front section of your hair should be considered for rolling first. whether your hair is short or long in length, the process of wrapping and rolling is all the same though rolling and placement of rods in long hair may take much longer.

Piggyback perm for short hair

Piggyback perm for short hair

The piggyback perm technique is usually done on long hair. This perm is ideal for you if you have a hair length of at least eight inches. But it can be done in short length hair too, where obviously the length of the strand to be wrapped on the perming rods will be less. If you have short hair, I would suggest, to go for other forms of hair perm.

How to roll a piggyback perm

The method of piggyback perm requires a sequence of steps that I have discussed below.

Rinse hair: Start by slightly moistening your hair with water. Then comb the whole hair with a wide-toothed comb. This process helps to clean up the hair through rinsing and detangling any coils or curls.

Sectioning: In the next part divide your hair into different sections. Usually, six sections are enough for this process. Each section can be formed using clips. Do the placement of rods for each section at a time.

Placing the rods: In this step, a perming rod needs to be placed in the middle of each strand, and the end of the strands need to be wrapped around the rods. The rods must be rolled towards the base. The other rod must be positioned at the end of the strand therefore rolling it at the end of the strand securing the previous rod ( the base rod).

Repeat: This wrapping process has to be repeated until the entire hair is covered.

Applying Perming solution: The perm solution needs to be applied equally to each rod placed in your hair. If you are doing the process using a home perming kit, take the necessary precautions, and learn all the instructions regarding the perming solution before start perming.

Rinse: After the process is done rinse your hair thoroughly to make sure there is no solution left in your hair. Always use lukewarm water, or take a hot shower to wash away the perming solution. You should wash your hair thoroughly for about 7 to 10 minutes.

Drying rods: Next the perm rods must be dried. You have to wait for 5 to 8 minutes for drying the rods. But natural drying the rods may take significant time, therefore, a blow dryer can be helpful. Always remember, not to use hot air to blow dry your hair, it can damage your strands.

Neutralizer: Now, Its time to use neutralizer to your strands. After applying the neutralizer, leave the neutralizer around 10 minutes on your hair and then wash it off. As soon as it dries off, the perm rods must be taken out from each strand. Neutralizer is very beneficial for your hair as it helps to get back the lost pH level of your hair.

Piggyback Perm on Yourself

To performing a piggyback perm session on yourself, you need to arrange all the products required for performing the perm. You will be needing a Home kit for perming, perm rods, rat tail comb, neutralizer solution, clips, and wrappers. The process must be followed as per the instructions mentioned in the kit. You can try this step-by-step Fully Illustrated Guide to Perming Hair.

The top part of your hair needs to be detached from the sides and then pinned down. The wrappers have to be used in each section of your hair, starting from the top section followed by the sides and obviously the base. The same perming process has to be followed throughout.

Professional Instructions on Wrapping a Spiral piggyback Perm

Curls as a consequence of spiral piggyback perm resemble springs. The perm rods used in this process are relatively long and thin. It is more of a corkscrew pattern.

How Much Do Piggyback Perm Cost?

The cost of a perm can varry in several circumstances, that includes your hair length, hairstylist, types of curls you need, the process of rolling, the quality of products you are using and many more.

I would say a piggyback perm usually costs in between $40 to $200.

Most Used Products For Piggyback Perm

The main difference in a standard perm and a piggyback perm is the method of rolling and wrapping the strands. Therefore, both standard perms and piggyback perm can be done using some sort of products.

The products you surely need to get a piggyback perm at home are the perming rods, wrappers, the perming solution, and a good neutralizer. Some popular Home kits for perming are also available on Amazon. The products required for the process are as follows.

Image Product Details   Price
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