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Perm for men! Long gone the times when only women could perm their hair or flaunt those curls because the trends have changed (or maybe the tables have turned?).

It’s pretty evident that men are not leaving behind in terms of fashion or style, and there has been a trending wave with which men try to improve the appearance, and perming for men is picking up the bars.

Women have so much to amplify their appearance, ranging from footwear to dresses, tones to handbags, clothes to hairdos, and much more.

Nonetheless, the trends are now changing, and men are investing in improving their appearance. With this being said, some men are changing the hair color, while some are curating distinctive haircuts.

The best way to change the entire appearance is to change the hair texture; switching from straight hair to perms and curls will positively change your look. Be it Justin Timber or Orlando Bloom, they know how to style their frizzy hair and make a statement.

With this being said, if you’ve ever been appalled towards the custom printed hair extension boxes, let’s tell you about men perms!

Types For Perms For The Guys:

Well, perms for men! when it concerns men and guys, there are a variety of perm types that can be adopted. You can either visit the salon or read below because we have the expert opinion; you won’t regret it!

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Perms For Medium Hair Length:

Perms For Medium Hair Length

For everyone who wants to keep things natural and the overall appearance a combination of wild style and adventurous, the tightly coiled perms with medium length are the right choices. You can style these perms with the managed beard, so your hair doesn’t take over the face.

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Even if you want to travel, adopting this perm style will make you “travel-like.” Also, if you are a pop or rock musician, this perm type will be an apt fit as it suits the personality.

The Side Partition For Men Perms:

Side Partition For Men Perms

For every guy who needs to spice things up and wants to change the look, a side partition is a right choice to make. This is a fine choice for people who have a natural perm (remember Jon Snow from the GOT?).

Also, the side partition will transform your appearance into the boss-man. Again, this perm type is a fine choice for men who wear sunglasses and blazers, ramping up appearances.

Perms With Dense Beard For Men:

Perms With Dense Beard For Men

If you don’t want to take risks with your appearance, complimenting the perms with a dense beard is your go-to choice. This is because the beards shall always remain in fashion, and carrying the perms with a trimmed beard is the safe choice.

You can opt for highlighted or wavy perms with a dense beard because it makes you stand out in the crowd. All in all, this style is suitable when you want to hit a glamorous party or a rock concert!

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Highlighted Curls & Perms For Men:

So, you don’t want to play safe and want to carry a full makeover, highlighting the curls or perms is the ultimate choice. However, perming and highlighting can be chemically pressurizing for your hair, making sure the salon is using safe products.

We suggest choosing your favorite color for the highlights but don’t forget the trends. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that perms and curls with highlighting will spruce up the appearance.

Wavy Perms For Men:

Wavy Perms For Men

If you don’t want to give up on the gentleman look, wavy perms are perfect for you and can be easily harnessed from different salons.

We suggest opting for the medium wavy perms as they look amazing and don’t even require immense care. With this being said, you can play football or take that afternoon nap, and perms shall remain intact.

Loose Perms For Men:

Nope, you don’t always need the peaked coiled curls to attain the perms, but you can always opt for loose perms.

These loose perms can be styled as you like, and these carefree perms will make your overall look pretty sensual. The loose perms can be done at home with thick rods, but a stylist is needed if you want permanent or semi-permanent perms.

Curly Perms For Men:

Curly Perms For Men

If you are a man with a fair complexion, these tight curly perms will look gorgeous on you. These tight curly perms are in trend as well, which means you will look according to the fashion while harnessing the well-defined appearance.

Also, the curly perms aren’t high-maintenance because the hairstylist will handle everything. As far as aftercare is concerned, all you need is a hair gel!

Cost of Perming For Man:

The perming costs differ on various factors, such as the salon brand or the hairstylist you are opting for, along with the number of hours it will take.

All in all, the cost of perms for men will range from $30 to $150 on average to make sure perms come out flawlessly. The higher costs are effective with perms because it promises a long-lasting outcome. Last but not least, your hair type and texture matter as well!


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