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Perfume That Smells Like Soap

There is something in particular about an after shower vibe that keeps you smelling new, clean, and revived.

Shockingly, you lose that smell sooner or later as you explore through a busy working day or taking a heavy workload.

Fortunately, there are numerous perfumes that smell like soap that will keep you smelling new throughout the day.

Some of them emit fresh clean scent perfume while others smell like a luxury clean smelling perfume like soap.

In case you’re hoping to purchase soapy smelling perfume, here are a couple of ideas that will suit you perfectly.

Our Top Picks For The Best Perfumes That Smell Like Soap

If you’re worried about getting confused to choose the perfect one for you from the ocean of perfumes available in the market, you can jump right into our top picks (these are the best soapy perfumes that most people buy on Amazon).

Image Product Details   Price
91Qwqu8kuLL. SL1500 Pierre Balmain Ivoire de Balmain Eau de Parfum Pierre Balmain Ivoire de Balmain Eau de Parfum Spray for Women Check Price
615d41LPz9L. SL1280 Love by Chloe for Women Love by Chloe for Women, Eau de Parfum Spray Check Price
61NHMfwetyL. SL1000 Caleche By Hermes For Women Beautiful fragrance. Last a long time. Check Price
41JYMf7o9NL Prada Infusion D’Iris by Prada for Women Prada Infusion D’Iris by Prada for Women Check Price
AMOUAGE Men’s Dia EDP Spray AMOUAGE Men’s Dia EDP Spray Check Price

Editor’s Reviews: Top 5 Best Fragrances That Smell Like Soap

1. AMOUAGE Men’s Dia EDP Spray

AMOUAGE Men's Dia EDP Spray soapy perfumes

If you want to feel refreshed even during the most intense sessions there’s a perfume out there with a clean, fresh aroma that will keep you blooming all day long.

Its a product for men, so ladies wait a bit, we will be back with something of your choice very soon in this article later on. .

This floral fragrance was first introduced in early 20’s and since then considered as the house of Dia Pour Homme’s finest fragrance.

This fragrance is blended with the highest quality of precious and luxurious ingredients sourced from different places on Earth..

This one is a woody floral musk perfume for men. This is an international, luxury perfume label with reliable, long-lasting, and finest aromas that gets recognition in the art of fine fragrance making.

This one is surely elegant day-wear, this well-crafted fragrance is a fine example of tasteful elegance and great soapy perfumes.

Just like most soapy perfumes, Amouage is perfect for the warm days of summer so this wouldn’t be an excellent option for wintertime.

One more thing to note down is that it provides only around 4 to 6 hours of intense fresh aroma when you sprinkle it on your body.

Therefore, if you’re trying to get all-day protection against the smelling sweaty body, you may need to sprinkle again after 5 hours or so.

Its aroma is moderate, Smells amazing and you can wear it on all events.

2. Prada Infusion D’Iris by Prada for Women

Prada Infusion D'Iris by Prada for Women

Fleur d’Oranger which was the first fragrance of the Prada infusion collection was launched in 2009.

Since the release of this perfume, it has been appreciated for its different blend of fresh and sweet-smelling aromas which is a very unique blend..

Notes: When you apply Fleur d’Oranger first you will smell top notes of lavender, fig, and Cyprus before proceeding to heart note smells of rose, jasmine, petitgrain, etc.

Following base notes of orange blossom and musk.

This is a mixture of amazing and more extended smells of past perfumes from Prada. This is the perfume that smells like soap.

This perfume should give you an immense morale boost as you walk out on a hectic day of your job or a challenging time at the workout.

This product will usually last around 5 hours on a single spray and its not very strong but is moderate but adequate enough to make you the center of attention.

Lastly, even if this Prada perfume does not offer longevity and strong aromas, its pure and pleasant scent makes up for that.

3. Caleche By Hermes For Women

Caleche By Hermes For Women

if you talk about classic fragrances then Hermes Caleche is absolutely a classic.

This product from Hermes looks like a vintage feels like a masterpiece, and certainly smells like a classic.

Hermes Caleche was designed by Guy Robert in 1961, Hermes Caleche is a perfume that summons the complete expression of a feminine character.

Notes: Opening with the top notes of citrus and aldehyde and quickly going to soothing heart notes of jasmine, rose, and ylang-ylang.

And after sometimes, you should be smelling refreshing woody base notes.

This Hermes Caleche perfume encourages confidence and majesty in ladies, it was created to give that additional lift to make you fly high, and wearing your female nature in an artistic way.

Hermes Caleche offers above 8-9 hours of sweet-smelling fragrance in one single spray.

The fragrance is mild and will keep you smelling fresh and seductive all day long. This is a clean smelling perfume like soap.

Unlike most soap-scented fragrances, Hermes Caleche can be worn both in summer and winter.

One can also wear this perfume to work or any formal function.

4. Love by Chloe for Women

Love by Chloe for Women

Chloe Love, which is a woody musky perfume, was launched in 2010 by the house of Chloe.

Chloe Love’s delicate, fresh, powdery smell will keep you smelling like a diva all day long.

The main accords of Chloe Love are powdery, floral, musky, fresh, and green.

Notes: It starts with top notes of hyacinth, wisteria, pink pepper, iris, and heliotrope following bye middle notes of pure-smelling heaven of orange blossom.

And after sometimes, you will smell the base notes of musk, talc, and rice.

Nathalie Gracia-Cetto and Louise Turner were the people who designed this fragrance and since then this has been praised for its fragrance and affordable price.

Chloe Love can last up to 9 hours on a single spray and people will turn to look at you as you walk past because of the way the perfume’s fragrance trails in the air when it is worn.

This perfume can be worn in both hot summer and chilling winter, You can wear it to any casual or official occasions.

5. Pierre Balmain Ivoire Spray for Women

Pierre Balmain soapy perfume 1

If you are someone from the 80s then this perfume will be very familiar to you.

This masterpiece was inspired by the Ivoire de Balmain perfume that was created in 1979.

This fragrance is a reminder of the popular 80s classic while including a contemporary vibe that gives it a completely new dimension.

This was designed by Jacques Flori and Michel Almairac and was launched in 2012.

Notes: This one opens with top notes of Mandarin, galbanum and violet leaf then slowly going to heart notes of ylang-ylang, rose, iris, and sweet jasmine.

And after sometimes, you can smell base notes of vetiver, cedar and vanilla.

Its main accords are woody, powdery mask, aromatic, ozonic, floral and green

Pierre Balmain luxurious perfume is perfect for both summer and winter even it has fragrances that smell like soap, so you can positively wear Pierre Balmain as your daily fragrance all year long.

It stays for more than 6 hours while giving decent performance while its sillage will make you smell good over a good distance.


soapy smelling perfumes are normally ideal for hotter weather, but here we have collected some perfumes in this list that can go as both your summer and winter perfumes.

Whether you’re planning to travel to the beach on a sunny summer day or you just want a perfume that keeps you smelling fresh and sweet, then in that case any of these fragrances that smell like soap will do.


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