Perfume That Smells Like Baby Powder: 7 Best Baby Powder Scent Perfumes

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Why will someone search for a perfume that smells like baby powder? Well, the easiest answer is, Baby powder completely smells refreshing and takes us back to the time when we were toddlers or kids. That time was great and filled with joy since there was essentially nothing that could bother us and we didn’t have to work hard for life.

There’s something special about the fragrance of baby powder that just turns the pages back.

The smell of baby powder takes us back to those memory lanes and for some of us, the aroma acts as some kind of escapism from our complex lifestyle.

Perfume That Smells Like Baby Powder

Other than just good memories, the smell of baby powder feels great and you can always choose one for your next signature fragrance.If you are here looking for an amazing, quality perfume that smells like baby powder, below are the best baby powder scent perfumes on the market.

Top 3 Baby Powder Scent Perfumes: Rated By Users

If you are in a hurry and don’t like to read long product reviews, containing lots of details, you can jump straight into the Top Rated User’s Choice List (these are the most rated perfumes by users on Amazon ).

Image Product Details   Price
71NCfRmAoAL. SL1500 Burberry Brit for Him TOP PICK Check Price
Lorenzo Villoresi Teint de Neige RUNNER UP Check Price
71VJrfe2IyL. SL1500 Gucci Guilty Love for Women LUXURY IN BUDGET Check Price


7 Best Perfumes That Smell Like Baby Powder: Editor’s Choise

Lolita Lempicka Eau de Parfum Spray

A Perfume That Smells Like Johnson’s Baby Powder

Lolita Lempicka Eau de Parfum Spray

While using Lolita Lempicka Eau de Parfum, the initial blast of a sweet and powdery blend of iris and violet leaves will bring you freshness. After sometimes the perfume then shifts to a mixture of violet, sweet cherries, licorice, and raspberry notes. And at last, the base notes would unveil its mild notes with the harmony of tonka bean, heliotrope, musk, and vetiver.

Lolita Lempicka Eau de Parfum smells very much like one of our most used baby powder, so it evokes everything that is pure, innocent, and gentle such as white feathers and the purity of a child. The baby powder fragrance is not at all sharp, but very soft, gentle, and well-mixed. Hence, it is a soothing and satisfactory fragrance for a cozy and peaceful time.


A Perfume That Smells Like Baby Powder & Vanilla


Kenzo Amour is a beautiful blend of baby powder talk notes and vanilla note that delivers to you the heavenly sense of relaxation. This is the kind of smell that will feel you relaxed after a long hectic day. Kenzo Amour is the kind of perfume, you need while taking peaceful rest, or while lying down and watching tv/web series all day long.

The two main notes, Baby powder, and vanilla are loved by many of us. So, this perfume will and can practically attract anyone. After applying this perfume you will surely receive more compliments for your fragrance. Moreover, it is a sweet gift that everyone should try.

Kenzo Amour is more of a carrier of sensuality, romance, gentleness, and relaxation. The top notes are of baby powder and Frangipani blossom. After the top notes fade away, you will smell the heart notes of the delicious milky aroma and sweet vanilla which are pleasant and peaceful and the endnote is the creamy, vanilla fragrance that is so comfortable and soothing.

Burberry Brit for Men

A Men’s Cologne That Smells Like Baby Powder & Roses

BURBERRY Brit Eau De Toilette

Burberry Brit is an individual fragrance that smells like a mix of baby powder and roses.

This perfume is so unique that I can bet It’s fresh, spicy, and smells like nothing you’ve ever used.

The main notes are fresh spicy, warm spicy, rose, aromatic, and woody perfume.

Burberry Brit was inspired by tasteful men who ooze honorability and class at home, work, and wherever else they get themselves.

It opens with citrusy and zesty top notes of cardamom, ginger, bergamot, and mandarin before proceeding onward to heart notes of wild rose, nutmeg, and cedar.

Sooner or later, it dries down to base notes of fascinating woods, patchouli, tonka bean, and dark golden.

This Burberry fragrance produces more than 8 hours of dynamic execution with a moderate sillage that carries out the responsibility alright.

Planned by Antoine Maisondieu, Burberry Brit could be your new most loved winter scent and can absolutely be worn throughout the day whether to work or sentimental night date.

Flower By Kenzo

A Perfume That Smells Like Feminine Baby Powder

Kenzo Flower baby powder

another beautiful perfume by Kenzo, This time it is called Flower. It’s a different kind of unique perfume that draws beautiful compliments to you. Personally, our editors really prefer Kenzo Flower. Well, I hope you will start liking this unique perfume too. The good news is that this perfume is always available in the online marketplace and pocket friendly.

Trust me, Kenzo Flower is surely not a dull fragrance. Several people have commented that the perfume of Kenzo Flower is comparable to baby powder. Still, the perfume does not smell like general baby powder at all.

Kenzo Flower has its floral notes, for example, rose, violet, and freesia which shields it from turning into a Baby Powder. The mix of blossoms and baby powder gives this fragrance an exceptional quality of being a ladies’ perfume.

The bottle itself will help you to remember a humble and authentic Japanese lady in her traditional piece of clothing. This is a really balanced blended perfume that smells like baby powder, but its not fully baby powder spray.

Teint De Neige By Lorenzo Villoresi

Soft Powdery Perfume With The Warm Embrace of Roses

Lorenzo Villoresi Baby Powder Perfume

When you will wear Feint de Neige you will feel the warm embrace of rosy, powdery goodness.

this fragrance was released in 2000, and it is prepared with powdery notes that carry on those exceptional memories from the past and childhood.

Feint de Neige was designed by Lorenzo Villoresi himself. It begins with top flowery notes of rose, ylang-ylang, and jasmine and steadily going to heart notes of tonka bean, rose, jasmine, and yes, powder.

Its main accords of Feint de Neige are powdery, sweet, floral, musky.

This product is super luxurious and classy, getting its motivation from classy women who are not scared to experience life on their own terms.

The freedom and warmth it emits will surely last between 8 to 10 hours which makes it a great long-lasting perfume for women who are selective about long-lasting fragrances.

The sillage of Feint de Neige is heavy and powerful yet elegant and will get you a lot of attention and good compliments on the way on at an event.

Teint de Neige is particularly a wintertime fragrance, but you can still wear it in other seasons without any hesitation.

This powdery perfume is perfect to wear to your office, which will give you a morale boost and you will be all set for a super productive day.

Guerlain L’Heure Bleue

An Expensive Smelling Baby Powder, Scented Perfume

Guerlain LHeure Bleue

This one is another perfume that smells like baby powder or traditional talc baby powder. L’Heure Bleue means ‘the bluish hour’, and this fragrance does smell like it belongs to some blue blood category. This is due to the presence of blue and light purple flowers in the blend like iris, violet, and heliotrope. These flowers give the fragrance a velvety and soft powdery essence.

Guerlain L’Heure Bleue has an interesting baby powder scent. the smell of this perfume is more like a blend of vintage makeup powder with baby powder, and there is also a mystery odor due to the spicy anise and coriander. Therefore, the overall experience with this perfume is that it smells like expensive and high-quality baby powder, and it is damn refreshing.

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