Natural Bubble Bath for Babies
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A relaxing and pampering bubble bath can be much better than a few other methods of gathering peace after a long hectic day, While talking about bubble bath it brings up pictures of little babies having fun in the tub.

In this article, I have researched and listed down the 5 Best Organic & Natural Bubble Bath for Babies, but let me tell you that bubble baths are not just for our babies, even you can jump in the tub to get a relaxing bubble bath with your little ones. In fact, a good organic bubble bath can have lots of healing properties and nourishing effects for us grown-ups.

Natural Bubble Bath for babies

It is proved that a relaxing bath can have mental health benefits like reducing depression, supporting the circadian rhythm, and helps to improve sleep.

bubble bath can be very much effecting and relaxing for your body after a long day, but bubble bath products made from skin-irritating ingredients can also be harmful to your skin if you don’t know which product to choose.

Some popular bubble baths that are always available in the market contain harmful chemicals that can be harsh for your child’s skin and can cause inflammation, irritation, and allergic reactions.

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At a Glance: Best 3 Bubble Bath for Babies & Adults

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California Baby Calendula Bubble Bath Scent: Calendula
No Tear | Pure Essential Oils for Bathing
Moisturizing Organic Aloe Vera and Calendula Extract
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61103BLItUL. SL1000
Alaffia – Everyday Shea Bubble Bath
For All Skin Types, Soothing Support for Deep Relaxation and Soft Moisturized Skin with Shea Butter and Yam Leaf Check Price On Amazon
71eyPuTmRNL. SL1500 The Honest Company Everyday Bubble Bath Tear-Free Kids Bubble Bath With Naturally Derived Ingredients and Essential Oils Sulfate- and Paraben-Free Check Price On Amazon

Things to keep in mind while choosing Bubble Bath for Babies

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If you are seeking a reliable, organic, and natural bubble bath for your babies and kids, then you should be extra careful while choosing. We always recommend going for the best baby bubble bath products.

Children and babies have very sensitive skin which can get damaged easily. That is why, it is important not to use any harsh chemicals which are commonly found in traditional bubble baths such as Sodium Laureth Sulfate, cocamide EDTA, and synthetic colors or dyes (these synthetic colors can cause skin irritation or allergies).

This has to be kept in mind when picking any bath & body wash products, not just bubble baths.

Another important thing to keep in mind that Babies can sometimes swallow bubbles water direct from the tub during bath time. That means these undesirable chemicals may also be swallowed in this process as well.

While buying a safe and organic bubble bath for your baby, look for ingredients such as:

  • Vegetable glycerin (helps to locks in the moisture of your skin)
  • Organic oatmeal extract (helps reducing itching, relaxing the skin tissues)
  • Natural aloe vera (again a skin-soothing product)
  • Organic rosehip oil (helps in cell and tissue restoration)
  • Organic sunflower oils (very gentle and non-irritating)
  • Organic chamomile (reduces skin irritation).

For extremely delicate and sensitive skin, try to use unscented products with natural essential oils. But in case of fragrance, you can go for ingredients like lavender, chamomile, or calendula which are usually fine but unscented is always the most reliable and safest option.

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Best Natural & Organic Bubble Bath for Babies

Organic Bubble Bath for Babies

If you are looking to buy a natural bubble bath for babies, then you’re in luck! We have researched and tested many natural and organic bubble baths for babies made by some of the best organic skincare brands to bring you the list of the best organic, natural bubble bath products in the market.

These top natural bubble baths for babies are sulfate-free, paraben-free, phthalate-free, petrochemical + mineral oil-free, synthetic fragrances free, and also ethoxylated ingredients free.



Babo Botanicals Bubble Bath for babies is the perfect organic bubble bath for the little ones before bedtime! This bubble bath is created with a soothing lavender scent and plant-based ingredients.

This formula uses very gentle ingredients which is very good for your baby’s skin. It does not make lots of bubbles but it gets the job done for kids. Ingredients worth seeing including organic aloe, argan oil, shea butter, coconut oil, rosemary leaf extract, calendula, watercress, kudzu root, and oats.



This California bubble bath is a user favorite in the market of natural bubble baths for babies. It includes a soothing lavender smell purely derived from essential oils, and soothing calendula extract.

It can be a delightful surprise for kids and grown-ups too, This product is made with natural and organic ingredients that naturally create hills of bubbles yet are soothing on delicate skin types.

As an additional gift, this natural bubble bath for babies comes with its very own bubble wand for an assured fun in and out of the bath!



This bubble bath product is formulated for both babies and adults. Alaffia’s nurturing lemon lavender natural bubble bath is a relaxing, soothing gift to your skin.

It’s made with reliable natural ingredients like unrefined shea butter, shea leaf, calming lemon balm, and lavender extract. All these ingredients work together to clean, nourish, and relax your skin.

This bubble bath is foaming, soothing, especially for delicate skin types of any age. Alaffia’s nurturing lemon lavender natural bubble bath is also available in Eucalyptus Mint, Vanilla Citrus Mint, and unscented.


The Honest Company Everyday Bubble Bath

Honest Co. bubble bath is honestly an awesome bubble bath for the entire family, from kids to grown-ups.

This bubble bath has four different types: orange + vanilla, sweet almond, lavender, and unscented. This bubble bath is infused with soothing organic ingredients like calendula and chamomile that help rejuvenate your skin while bathing.

This tear-free bubble bath is soothing and good in washing your skin whether you are an adult or a kid.


Carina Organics Unscented Bubble Bath

This bubble bath from the house of Carina Organics’ is very soothing, all-natural, made with only certified organics, vegetables, and botanical extracts which is good for your skin.

It has a mild, sweet scent to it, and also available in lavender, baby, and unscented alternatives.

This bubble bath product from Carina Organics produces a lot of foamy bubbles in the tub or shower that stay throughout the bath (and most of the time, even after the bath!). So, when you get out of the bath your skin will be feeling clean and soft!

Homemade DIY Organic Bubble Bath Recipes

Most of us will agree that taking a bath is wonderful for both the body and the mind. Taking a shower after a long hectic day might get the job done, but taking a bubble bath in the tub is actually a bliss. A bubble bath is that next level of awesomeness!

Your kids love bubble bath, even you love it, so there’s enough reason why you should include it in your routine. If you are our reader for a while, you might have noticed that we like to create DIY items around the house – and today’s item is not out of our checklist! And so here we’re going to show you how to make your own homemade natural bubble bath.

To make your own DIY natural bubble bath, all you need are a few ingredients like vegetable glycerin, castile soap, and any essential oils of your choice. The castile soap creates the suds, the glycerin serves as a moisturizer to protect your skin from losing moisture, and your choice of essential oils add a bit of aromatherapy to the blend.

So, don’t be frightened to try and test your own organic bubble bath recipe as long as you are using organic and natural ingredients to make one.

One important thing to keep in mind while using essential oils with young children. If you are making a DIY bubble bath for toddlers, or babies under the age of 1 year then reduce the amount of essential oils to 1-4 drops per 2 cups of bubble bath.

Here are two simple organic homemade bubble bath recipes for you to try (one for adults and one for the children):

Best Bubble Bath for Toddlers

Bubble Bath for Toddlers

Plan a pleasant surprise for your little one’s next night time bath with this comforting lavender, kids bubble bath. Gently mix all ingredients in a glass bottle. Don’t over shake! When ready to use for baby’s bath, pour no more than ¼ cup of the homemade natural bubble bath into running water and use your hands to stir the water to produce lots of bubbles!

Safe Bubble Bath For Adults

bath bubbles for adults

A great homemade bubble bath for sensitive skin in Adults. Blend all ingredients in a bottle. Shake well before each use as the oils and honey can separate over time. Pour into running water to create a pleasurable experience.

Final Words

Thank you so much for reading this far into this article. I have tried my best to do some research on the current market and included all the best possible options for all-natural bubble bath for babies and even for grown-ups like you and me. I hope you will find the best organic bubble bath for you or your little ones in this list.

If you liked my efforts for so any reason, don’t forget to share this guide with your friends and family and you can also read about one more interesting item that I have covered in another article. So, If you want to know about Best Organic Bath Bombs + How to Make One (DIY Tutorial), go ahead and read the article. See you in another interesting product guide.


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