Mango Butter vs Shea Butter- Benefits For Skin & Hair

When we talk about various kinds of organic skin-nourishing plant-based butter available on the market, you will get overwhelmed deciding which one you should pick and which one will be best for your skin. The list is endless. You can get mango butter, shea butter, coconut butter, cocoa butter, and still there are more to name!

The debate continues as people want to know the winner when it comes to Mango Butter vs Shea Butter. Well, I have tried both mango butter and shea butter on my skin and In this case, I will share my experience as well as, we will look at mango butter vs. shea butter to see what they do to nourish your skin, and which one is more beneficial for you.

In this article, we will get to know, how they are similar and different, and check if one is better than the other. As a user myself, I can state some differences between them but there are also many similarities.

Shea Butter vs Mango Butter | How Are They Different?

If you are reading this article, I know that you are already pretty confused at this point, therefore, if you are looking to find out more about each product or just want to choose the best one for your skin, this article will present you all the information you will ever need to make the best decision possible for your personal skincare routine!

What Is Organic Mango Butter?

What Is Organic Mango Butter
organic mango butter

Well, let’s have a clear view of Mango butter. It is a sort of butter that is being prepared from the large seed of the mango. As you know, mangos contain one very large seed located just in the middle of the fruit and these seeds provide a variety of health benefits for your entire body and skin. Mango butter is remarkably moisturizing and feels light on the skin and it does not feel sticky and oily when you apply it on your skin.

Benefits of Mango Butter on Skin:

Benefits of Mango Butter on Skin

Mango butter is filled with many different vitamins and minerals that are highly beneficial for your skin. Vitamins like Vitamin A, E, B6, and C are present in huge amounts.

Organic mango butter also holds the necessary nutrients for your skin, like calcium, folate, iron, potassium, magnesium, and zinc. Mangos are also rich in antioxidants that are amazing and helps to prevent your skin from getting early wrinkles and other types of age-related skin problems and sun damage.

Benefits of Mango Butter on Hair:

Benefits of Mango Butter on Hair

Mango butter is full of vitamins, antioxidants, and fatty acids which helps, balancing sebum production on your scalp. This can help a lot with both oily or dry scalp conditions and helps them get back to a healthy condition.

  • Mango butter spontaneously nourishes and hydrates the hair, this will help to maintain softer, healthier hair when using it on a daily basis.
  • Mango butter is great at reducing symptoms such as dandruff, eczema, and psoriasis by restoring cells through its healing characteristics and properties.
  • Mango butter can be notably effective for healthy hair growth. It helps to restore the flexibility of your hair strands, resulting in less breakage.
  • Mango butter is great to use because it helps protect the hair and lock in moisture after using water-based products.

What Is Organic Shea Butter?

What Is Organic Shea Butter
Organic Shea Butter

Now, let’s learn a little about shea butter. Shea butter is an African plant-based butter that is made from the nuts of a shea tree. Unrefined shea butter is solid, but it is softer and flexible as well and easier to break into pieces.

Benefits of Shea Butter on Skin:

Shea butter has antimicrobial qualities, and that is why shea butter is great for fighting against a handful of skin diseases. You can also use shea butter as an anti-inflammatory product. In case of any skin inflammation, shea butter can help relax and reduce that painful and annoying inflammation.

Does Shea Butter Cause Acne?
does shea butter cause acne

Many people ask “does shea butter cause acne?” No, shea butter doesn’t cause acne. It helps to get rid of acne and at the same time, the moisturizing properties of the shea butter keep the skin soft and hydrated and do not cause the skin to dry out like many acne creams or harsh chemical infused medications do to the skin.

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Shea butter has properties that can help people fight against acne or people who get skin breakouts frequently. Shea butter eliminates bacteria on the skin that causes acne and helps people who suffer from serious acne problems.

Benefits of Shea Butter on Hair:

Benefits of Shea Butter on Hair

Shea butter moisturizes and doesn’t clog your pores, so shea butter is a wonderful option to apply as a scalp treatment product and hot oil treatments. Shea butter is so gentle on the scalp that one can easily leave it on the scalp, overnight.

  • Shea butter helps to soften even the most troublesome and driest hair. Adding an ample amount of Shea butter to your tresses will add much-needed moisture which will also help reduce split ends and hair breakage.
  • Shea butter acts as a natural SPF, which means it protects your strands from harmful rays- like any other SPF when applied daily because of its sun protecting properties.
  • Adding Shea butter after applying a water-based hair product will lock in the moisture and helps to add extra protection from external factors such as heat and cold.
  • Before swimming at sea or pool water you can apply shea butter on your hair to protect it from salt and chlorine.

Mango butter Vs. Shea butter: The Comparison

Mango butterShea butter
Mango has much more oleic acid and less stearic acid than Shea butter, giving mango butter a lower melting point.This makes it easier to melt mango butter in your hands than Shea butter.
You may expect mango butter to smell quite sugary-sweet, but it doesn’tShea butter has a mild nutty-smoky scent
Mango butter is thick creamy and white in appearance.Shea butter is an off-white, ivory-coloured has a natural beige colour unless it has been refined.
Mango butter holds A, C, E, and various antioxidantsShea butter holds A, E, F, and various antioxidants
Expected MANGO BUTTER results after regular use:

Helps to give you visibly stronger & more youthful hair
Shiny and more flexible hair
Will add thickness to your hair
Expected SHEA BUTTER results after regular use:

Decreases the signs of scalp problems such as dandruff, and eczema
Helps to soften frizzy hair and make it more manageable
Encourages healthy hair growth and fast re-growth

Final Words

So, now when its time time to end this article, you may have already noticed that the two butters are extremely beneficial for our natural hair. The discussion might be about which one is better but, I find they both have their amazing qualities, and aren’t that different from each other at all! Still, You may find it easier to use Shea butter in the warmer months to save melting time! Haha…