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Even if someone has only 15 – 20 minutes per day to spend coloring,

that person will surely notice the calming effect that it has on the mind, body, and emotions.

Coloring mandalas encourages a contemplative approach to our life.

Plus, if you want to learn to draw and paint, coloring pages are a good place to start.
The ready-made outlines allow you to focus on the coloring.

The meaning of mandala

The meanings of Mandala Designs

The meaning of the word mandala is a circle. Mandala is a spiritual symbol in Hinduism and Buddhism. It represents the universe. The circular designs of the mandala symbolize the idea that our life is never-ending and everything is connected to each other. The mandala designs also represent the spiritual journey within an individual person.

So the first is understanding the unity in the universe and secondly each and every individual must find their own place within the cosmos.

The meanings of Mandala Designs

Sometimes it is drawn as a circle enclosing a square and a deity on each side which is commonly used in meditation and yoga to aid the soul.

Mandala designs have many uses other than meditation as the their designs are meant to remove disturbing and irritating thoughts and allow our creative minds to work freely as well as relaxed.

Ultimately people create and look at mandalas to center their body and soul.

How to use the mandalas in meditation

How to use the mandalas in meditation

The usual and main use for mandalas is as a form of meditation.

Meditation helps to gain knowledge from your within.

Mandalas are symbols which when meditated on can bring inner transformation and profound knowledge. So the first step will be to select a mandala that has a strong appeal to you.

Then you have to focus on the intention that you want to bring or bring back in your life and then get inside of the beautiful design of the mandala by gently looking at the mandala designs.

If somehow your mind starts to think about daily problems, just bring your focus back to the beauty of the mandala.

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Mandala Design meanings
Meanings of Mandala Designs & Colors
Mandala Designs

The only thing that should absorb all your attention is the beauty of the mandala. Start feeling being drawn into the colors and patterns.

Gradually you will feel more relaxed and there will be a feeling of lightness and positive thoughts may arise.

The first time you meditate on mandala does it for 5 minutes. It will be enough but gradually build it up to 20 minutes as you are constantly getting more experience.

Meanings of Mandala Designs & Colors

RedStrength, More Energy and passion
PinkLove, femininity and intuition
OrangeCreativity, self-awareness, intuition and transformation
YellowWishdom, learning, laughter and happiness
GreenPhysical healing, psychic ability, nature and caring
BlueEmotional healing, inner peace and meditation
PurpleAll things spiritual, for spiritual focus
BlackDeep thinking, mystery and individuality

How to draw a Mandala at Home


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