how to bleach and dye hair in the same day
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Do you want to know how to bleach and dye hair In the same day? If yes then you are at the right place. So cool down and read the article carefully till the end and you will definitely get your answers. It is a common question for the new generation world, and we hope you will be enlightened about bleach and hair dye, after going through this article.

At first, let me tell you that it is very much possible to dye your hair on the same day of bleaching. Though it completely depends on your hair type and root condition. You should ask yourself if you are facing any problems regarding your hair. If no, you are ready to dye your hair after bleaching it the same day.

However, you should go through the full article and follow all the steps carefully because there are several conditions and If you don’t follow all steps, you can miss any important point that can spoil your whole process at any time.

OK so are you ready? If Yes, then let’s start.

can i dye my hair after bleaching it the same day

An Important Fact:

You can always dye your hair without any tension of damaging your hair only if your hair has just the normal and standard condition.

Dyeing hair is pretty much common these days. But bleaching your hair is a method of removing your current hair color in order to try any new color or just to highlight your whole hair.

You should always think before you bleach hair.

Can you bleach and dye your hair in the same day? Some significant points to remember.

Points to Remember While Bleaching

You should always remember some fundamental points before applying those tasks.

How many times have your bleached your hair? – You should always keep in mind that even too much bleaching can harm your hair. If you are bleaching your hair for more times you may experience hair loss or any kind of hair damage.

How is your hair condition now? – If you are already undergoing any kind of hair damage problem, you should keep your hair away from any chemical that can harm you more.

Are you undergoing any kind of hair loss problem? – This is especially a very common issue for most of the woman. But if the hair problem is too much, you must not apply the bleach now. Wait for a couple of weeks, maybe 2-3 weeks then apply.

When was the last time you colored your hair? – Have you colored your hair recently? If yes, then your hair is already carrying the chemicals that may be used to make your hair glossy. In this case, bleaching won’t be a good option for your hair anyway because permanent colors are always risky to apply bleach on it.

What are you trying to do with your hair now? – Maybe your intention is to highlight your hair with the original color. If you just want to leave your hair as “white shiny hair”, you do not need any kind dye on it. But you can always use another color as per your own choice. But what I always suggest to my readers is to use organic hair dye, even if you are going for a shiny purple color for your hair.

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Step-by-Step Bleaching Hair

Here is a small video explaining steps to bleaching hair in case you avoid reading a long detailed article. But I always suggest my readers, to go through every single detail I am including in the article because everything is well tried and tested by me.

Apply Coconut Oil in the Previous Night:

If you have fixed a day to go bleach and dye then use a little bit of coconut oil on your hair before the night you bleach hair. Coconut oil is used to save your hair from being damaged by the harsh bleaching chemicals. Coconut oil is very much essential to prevent significant damage from bleaching.

Arrange the Essential Ingredients:

Before you start the bleaching process you would need to arrange some ingredients that will be very much essential while bleaching. Some pots, waters, some new combs, new hand gloves, cap, and other necessary stuff that may help at the time of bleaching.

Always wear Old Clothes:

You should always put on old clothes because when you bleach the mixture will spread on your neck and shoulders. So change your dresses, before you apply bleach powder on your hair to save it from getting destroyed. If you are going dye your hair after bleaching, then you should know it is going to be a lengthy process. It was always recommended to wear loose dresses to be comfortable.

Arrange your Hair:

Prepare your hair, on which part of your hair you want to apply the bleach. You should comb the hair and prepare them properly and then decide which part to bleach first. I will recommend you to make the top portion on the side and allow the crown to be opened. Because, if the crown is beached carefully, it will be much more attractive.

Mix the Bleach Powder with the Developer:

Go ahead and mix your preferred bleach powder with the developer. Be sure that the developer you choose is of good quality. If you don’t choose the right developer, your hair will lose its color and the roots will be damaged rather than developing.

I will suggest my readers, to go for a branded developer and not to compromise with the quality because of price. Never compromise on the quality of the developer when you are going to bleach and dye your hair on the same day.

Apply the Bleach on the Selected Portion of your Hair:

how long after bleaching hair can you dye it

Now when everything is set, you are ready to apply the bleach mixture on your hair. Always start applying the bleach from the roots. In that way, the roots will be more highlighted. Try to use a high comb to bleach and brush slowly to apply and spread the mixture smoothly to the root.

Don’t hurry the process, take your time, and avoid using an excessive amount of bleach. First, start from the middle part and slowly reach the top and then take an interval of 20 minutes and go for the roots.

Now Seat-back and wait for Half-an-hour:

After the application, you need to wait patiently for around 30 to 45 minutes. Do not exceed the time above 45 minutes. If you exceed the time more than 45 minutes it may change your hair color completely.

Thoroughly wash the Mixture Away:

Now its time to wash the mixture with shampoo and see the result. On The Natural Idea, we always suggest my readers, to use an organic shampoo to wash away the mixture, because conventional shampoos contain harsh chemicals that might react with the bleach. Later use a deep conditioner to wash the bleaching chemicals. I use this shampoo and conditioner combo. You can click here to check the current price on Amazon. You can also go with this option, which I have found to be one of the best shampoos to repair and restore your hair health.

Now its time to Dye your Bleached Hair

Here is a small video explaining steps to apply color on your hair in case you avoid reading a long detailed article. But I always suggest you all, to go through every single detail I have included in this article because everything I included is tried by me.

can I dye my hair after bleaching it the same day? – Yes, you can but as I said earlier, at first, you need to be sure that you don’t have any hair damaging problem.

If you have healthy hair, then you can follow the below steps to start dying hair after bleaching.

coloring hair after bleaching

At first Dry your Hair:

Always make sure that your hair is completely dried before you start to dye. After bleaching your hair you should wait for at least 2 weeks. But if are in a hurry then you can just dry your hair with a hairdryer. Never use a heat dryer because it will surely damage your hair.

Pick the Color:

You can now choose the color of your choice. I would suggest you, choose any temporary color which has fewer chemicals. Secondly, go for a highlighting color that can mix with the bleaching color.

Always make your mind and choose a color so, you don’t have to change it now and then, because excessive bleaching can damage your hair and roots.

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Apply the Selected Color:

Apply the selected color and start it from the roots because the root may absorb more color than the top, otherwise you will end up having uneven color.

Brush the root and apply the color from root to middle gently without applying any pressure and then approach from middle to the top.

Be careful, if you are following a lineup then be careful about the intensity and use it properly.

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Always use a wide-tooth Comb:

Use a wide-tooth comb to spread the dye and soften your hair with the new color. A wide-tooth comb will work to set the perfect style.

use a wide-tooth Comb

Let the Color to Set:

Give the color sometimes to spread naturally. Wait for 5 to 8 minutes and then use the comb again and make sure that your hair is not tangled together.

Now wash your Hair:

Give your hair a good wash with an organic shampoo just once. You can click here to go to Amazon and check the current price of the shampoo I use. You should not use a conditioner right after the wash. If you use the conditioner, it can damage the hair color.

Properly Dry Your Hair:

Use a soft towel to dry your hair. Most towels are too harsh for your hair especially when your hair is wet and weak. The best hair towels are soft and have a smoother surface contributing to less hair damage as you try drying your hair.

Even on regular days, you should use soft and smooth towels to dry your hair. Don’t rub your hair, just Pat your hair with the towel as wet hair is more prone to get damaged.

I will also suggest you, use a hairdryer, which is definitely a better method but never use a heated hairdryer from a close distance as it will damage your hair for sure.

adding color to bleached hair

Final words

If you are not in a hurry, I will suggest you not to bleach and dye hair the same day. You should wait for a minimum of 2 weeks when a month’s wait will be much more effective for your hair. Now everything depends on you.

Hopefully, this post has given all the answers on how to bleach and dye hair in the same day and also put some light on how long to wait to dye hair after bleaching.

I hope now you will make the right decision and get the final steps done because now you know everything, about dying your hair after bleaching it.


Hello, I am Olivia from The Natural Idea team. I love to write about Organic Beauty Products and homemade beauty products.

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