How long does a perm last? Types of Perm and it’s Effect in Detail

What are the different types of perms?

Here is the list of different types of perms that you should have a piece of knowledge about:

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So, how long do perms last? A perm usually lasts three to six months, it all depend on your hair type and how well you take care of the perms. Most perm appointments are of lengthy processes, which can take anywhere from one to six hours

Later in this article, we will learn about all perm types and you will get the answer to the question, how long do perms last.

Let’s learn little bit about some perms you can try right away.

How long does perm last

What are the different types of perms you can get?

The curl structures and positions are affected by Different-sized rods.

Hot perms employ a hot technique. The method involves shaping the hair with hot rods and submerging it in an acidic solution to dissolve its disulfide bonds.

The ceramic, or cold, perm, does not require heat and would instead employs a less harmful alkaline solution.

Hot perms tend to seem more natural, whereas cold perms will produce tight, vintage-style curls. Both methods include applying a neutralizer to lock in the curls at the end.

Beach Wave Perm

Beach wave perms are easily manageable waves in your hair. The waves are centered on the middle-lengths and the tips of your hair.
Especially Beach wave perm usually last around six months or a little more. A perm (beach wave perm) takes almost 28 hours to settle down. You should allow it sometime before you get too puzzled about knowing the end result.

Beach wave perms are usually best for long hair. If you want to carry beach wave hair, but you are tired of making the waves with a hair curling iron or a hair curling rod every time, then the beach wave perm is certainly the best option for you.

Beach Wave Perm

Hairstylists will do their job using extended rods to create the gentle, beachy wave pattern that you want. Your hairstylist will concentrate on the shift in the middle and tips of your hair. Also, they need to keep in mind not to keep any slope at the scalp. It is a part of the entire new beach wave perms for the people that prefers simple waves.

Body Wave Perms

A body wave perm is suitable for any sort of hairstyle. For example, if your hair starts to get flat after a few hours, a body wave perm will prevent your hair from falling and getting flat.

Your hairstylist will prefer the curling rod size that operates the best for your haircut, but generally, body wave perms are notably light and wavering.

Body Wave Perms

One popular body wave perm is known as a skip weave. In this process, your hairstylist will use a tail comb to twist out your hair and will glide the weaving section with a curling rod. This process will provide you with smooth and silky-looking hair.

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Smoothing Perm

Smoother perms are free from Formaldehyde and they are perfect for women who want to manage their curls that are too bulky, and it is also for women who want to decrease frizziness from their hair.

There is a cool smoothing option that protects your curl, and a hot straightening option that smoothens your hair completely. There is also a 3D Curl choice for notably curly hair that lessens curl size and evicts frizzes. Here is my recommendation for the best Smoothing Perm products at Amazon:

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How Long do Perms last?

Your hairstylist will use a unique artificial solution to split the fundamental bonds in your hair which is known as a “neutralizer.” Additionally, always keep in mind that, a beach wave perm requires approximately 28 hours to settle down.

Give it some time to relax and settle before you get the final result. Maximum beach wave perms usually last about six months if done properly.

How Long do Perms last

The method of getting a perm can take almost one to two hours, This totally depends on how long your hair is and how fast your hairstylist is.

As I told you earlier, your hairstylist will use a chemical substance to break solid structural bonding in your hair, known as a “neutralizer.”

The perm cost also differs depending on the durability, chemicals used, products used, and the process followed by the hairstylist.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a Perm do to your Hair?

What does a Perm do to your Hair

Perms use chemicals to make your usually straight hair curled or curved. In the process of creating a beach wave type of perm, your hair is inserted into the hair curlers and some special chemical is used.

This chemical substance breaks the natural hair bond which is known as disulfide bonds, which accommodate up together the hair’s keratin and, the protein that shapes up your hair. After this process, your hair will be loose and free to adopt any patterns of curl.

Do Perms Damage Hair?

Do Perms Damage Hair

Yes, they can damage your hair, if you do it a lot. Beach Wave Perms can be strong and harsh on your hair. If you conduct perms too frequently, you may risk your hair. That is why dermatologists advise having perms on a rare and limited basis.

Is your hair type or texture important for perm?

Does your hair type or texture matter for perm

Perms are suitable for most hair types and textures. Those with thicker, slightly wavy hair may find it easier to complete the process. Thin and stick-straight hair can frequently require the assistance of a professional.

Final Words

Your new curls may last for months with proper maintenance. If you have a lingering question that you can’t seem to find an answer to, always consult a specialist.

If you take all the necessary precautions, use the best products, and most importantly if you select an experienced hairstylist, then there is a very low possibility of getting your hair damaged by having a perm. Stay extra careful if you are perming hair at home to avoid any kind of damage to your hair. I would suggest you, always ask for professional help while perming your hair for the first time.