Easy Homemade Natural Disinfectant

The commercially made cleaning products are made with dangerous chemicals, these can cause breathing problems, skin irritations, and pollute the air in your home. When you make a natural disinfectant with commonly available and cheap household items, you reduce your exposure to dangerous chemicals and keep your house clean.

In today’s article we’re going to learn, how to use lemon peel to make a homemade natural disinfectant easily .

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You can use it to: clean your whole house, clean the floor, clean your toilets, sanitize any surface at your house, and ithe homemade disinfectant even smells nice!

Here The tip is to save the peel from the lemons you use throughout the day.

This natural disinfectant recipe can also be made using orange or tangerine peel. It’s easy and the result is excellent: a naturally clean and good smelling household.


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Peel from 5 lemons;
300 millilitres of plain water (1 ¼ cup); 3 tablespoons of rubbing alcohol.

Instructions For Natural Disinfectant :

Save the lemon juice to use later and put the lemon peel and the water in a tightly closed glass jar.

Let the peel soak for 3 days then blend them with the plain water for about 5 minutes. If necessary, strain the whole mixture.

In next part, mix in the alcohol and stir it well. Before using this natural disinfectant solution, shake it up.

Now your natural disinfectant is ready. It’s really practical and easy to make, isn’t it? If you already knew this recipe, leave your opinion in the comment section. If you haven’t tried it yet, do it today and take advantage of all of the wonderful advantages of natural disinfectant using lemon have to offer us.

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