Henna Tattoos : Full Guide [+30 Small Design Ideas]

Not every tattoos are carried out with needles and lots of pain. A henna tattoo is an exceptions to the standard scenario of tattoos, and a beautiful one at that.

Henna has spread throughout the whole world, creating a big impression with its rich color and vast designs. Let’s have a look at what henna is and the history behind this ancient art.

A henna tattoo is made using the dye from the henna plant. This tattoo is often made with a little amount of henna powder mixed with other ingredients, mostly with water or tea. The henna paste is taken in a small piping bag and then piped on the skin.

A henna tattoo

Other techniques to do henna tattoo is to include a thin toothpick dipped in the wet dye and then drawn on one’s skin. It all depends on the tattoo artists and their methods.

Watching a henna tattoo being made on the skin can be mesmerizing. Most artists outline the design on the skin before applying the dye. We recommend you to bring a design or picture of a style you like to be created on your skin. If you don’t have a style in your mind, the artists usually have a book of henna designs for customers to choose from.

Arab & Mehndi

Designs of the henna tattoos differ in places. It depends on the artists and also locations. The henna plant, is a native plant of North African countries but it is also found in other places, like Australia and across Asia. However, henna art is mostly associated with Indian calture. There this form of body art is referred to as “mehndi.”

Mehendi ideas

Mehndi is not only the tattoo using henna but also the tattoo style in which it is piped on the skin. While looking at an Arab tattoo and a Mehndi, one can clearly see the difference. The mehndi tattoos often use circles as a starting point and also cover large portion of the skin.

The Arab henna style varieties tend to be more specific. These often include flowers, plants, and many symbols.

Although these are different styles, most henna artists today, will create any henna design you request.

Henna Tattoos

Henna Tattoo : A Wedding Tradition

Henna is a very common wedding tradition throughout Asian calture and also the Middle East.

Many countries like India, Singapore, Egypt, Bangladesh use henna arts as a pre-wedding ritual.

The wedding families usually host small party for the bride, groom, and their guests similarly in a way to a bachelor party in western culture.

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The henna plant alone will not bring the color on skin.

Traditionally, women of the house would crush the leaves in a pot until a paste is developed.

The dye is then mixed with a little amount of fresh water and it is left for around 48 hours.

Henna Tattoo

How Long Do Henna Tattoos Last?

The answer to this depends on some factors.

If the tattoo is located on such area of your skin it will be exposed to water and soap, it will typically fade quicker.

You can guess then that the tattoos made on hand, for example, don’t last for very long.

A henna tattoo can stay fresh for up to 14 days without much of fading. It also may take another 14-20 days before it’s completely gone.

Some henna tattoo or mehendi can last for over a month, specifically those located on covered areas of your body, such as your back or shoulder.

+30 Small Henna Tattoo Design Ideas


Henna tattoos are the most famous temporary tattoo you can get and for a very good reason.

Since they are completely organic and uses natural ingredients and have less risk of causing skin infections, they have managed to grow so much in countries out of the Middle East and Asia.

Also if you are looking for a little more of a different color in your temporary tattoos, you can always go for silicon henna.

Silicon Henna or white henna is a kind of traditional henna that provides a white color rather than the usual reddish brown or black color that comes after applying.

You can make henna yourself or you can just buy ready to use henna at the online store.

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