henna designs for hands

What is henna?

Henna is a plant that has been used as a dye since ages, primarily in the Africa, Italy, Spain, and the Middle East.

It was also widely used in India and somepart of Asia, where it is still a popular form of temporary body art to this day.

Using henna on hands is a wedding tradition of Indian brides.

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How is henna used?

To create a dye for the skin, the henna plant is taken into a pot and crushed until a paste is developed.

The pest is then mixed with a little amount of water, which is then applied to the body.

The henna must stay on the skin for hours to properly stain the skin, and then the excess pest is washed off. Henna tattoos can last for 14 days or for a month.

How is henna used on hands

For the deep-rooted traditional and cultural significance it holds for a bride,

Mehndi which is a form of henna is an un-skippable aspect of the bride’s wedding look.

Getting beautiful and mesmerizing designs and awsome patterns using henna on hands is probably every bride’s desire.

Well, aiding you with latest henna designs for hands and feet is ours!

Having said this, there’s no end to henna designs for hands of a bride and in fact, every woman for that matter.

That is why we are constantly updating you with the newest and freshest of henna designs for hands to keep you with the latest trends.

Here are Some Traditional Henna designs for hands

1. Personalization galore!

This beautiful henna on hands depicting the jaimala ceremony from India,

on the palms, couple’s story on the wrists and peacock ends is the perfect blend of traditions and personification.

2. Uniquely patterned design.

This bridal design of henna on hands with different checkered patterns and a cute Mickey face on the wrists is so GORG!

henna designs for hands.
Source : Amrita Henna

3. Heaven of bunched floral designs.

This unique bridal henna is undoubtedly one of the best design for henna on hands simply for its never-ending floral designs.

4. All the bridal mehndi aesthetic elements in one design.

We love how all the bridal henna elements –

like peacocks, lotuses, flowers and bride and groom portraits are so beautifully created in this beautiful mehndi design for hands.

5.Floral finesse!

The intricacy of this floral design with dark and light highlights

lending it a definitive edge makes this bridal mehndi one of the one trending henna design for full hands.

Here are some more beautiful designs for henna on hand

6. A perfect bridal mehndi doodle.

Replete with personal elements like kids and gods portraits, hashtags and dates, this henna design is no less than a work of art.

More Ideas for Henna on Hands


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