The Easiest Homemade Dry Shampoo – A Organic Shampoo Guide.

organic shampoo has become a option for many women in their day to day personal care routine. Whether you don’t like to clean your hair every day or you simply need a quick solution to clean hair, dry shampoo is very much convenient. It keeps your hair fresh and clean. This homemade organic shampoo (dry shampoo) soaks up any excess oil on your hair roots near the scalp to get rid of greasy look that you develop towards the second day after washing your beautiful hair.

Today will will talk about homemade dry shampoo. Have you ever heard about dry shampoo?

But is this homemade dry shampoo safe for your hair and body? Does this organic shampoo affect our Earth? Also if you have bought dry shampoo, what are the better solutions to store them? In this post, we will explore the answers to all of these questions and more about organic shampoo.

The Unknown Dangers of Dry Shampoo

While there are many dry organic shampoos to choose from, most of those dry shampoos can be filled with a lot of unnecessary and toxic items. One of the biggest concerns is the synthetic fragrances they have. Fragrances can contain hundreds of chemicals because these companies do not have to disclose the ingredients they are puting in their fragrance.

The use of this type of synthetic fragrance is an even bigger issue with these dry shampoos because most brands use aerosol sprays to distribute the dry shampoo onto our hair. The aerosol spray makes the dry shampoo into small particles that are very easy to breathe in through our mouth and nose. These tiny particles go into your body and blood, which can have serious consequences to our body.

Recent studies have shown the fact that dry shampoo and other aerosol products are harming our environment and our planet Earth. Each and every time you use the product it contributes to air pollution which effets our ozone layer.

dry organic shampoo

Dry shampoo also often contains talc as well. Talc is an ingredient which helps to absorb excess oil from hair, but it has also been proven to help to the development of cancer cell. Under no circumstances should anyone use these talcs, and especially women, because it can cause ovarian cancer and also uterine cancer. Talc is essentially a form of baby powder. Inhaling talc can cause lung cancer in humans, which is the main concern when spraying dry shampoo all over your hair.

Are there any safe dry shampoo options? ( Organic Shampoo)

Since conventional dry shampoo is so dangerous for the Earth and our bodies, we should avoid using these products at any cost. While there are several natural options you can get in the stores, but they are often very pricy and not within everyone’s budget.

But the best news is there are manny common household items you can use in place of bought dry shampoo that works just as well for your hair and are completely safe. They will not force you to spend lot of money on a single product you probably won’t use every day anyway.
Here are some of the best items you can use as a form of dry shampoo are:

Arrowroot powder
Ground Oats
Cocoa powder
Baking soda

These ingredients can be used alone, or can be combined in different ways to make a homemade dry shampoo that works very well. Just because it is simple and natural doesn’t mean it will lack quality or ability to work well for you!

One of the best DIY Dry Shampoo recipe :

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