Creed Aventus Men’s Perfume Review— What Does It Smell Like?

Creed Aventus Mens Perfume Review

Creed Aventus ReviewCreed Aventus is recognized as a legend of men’s fragrances in the fragrance community and has proved itself as one of the greatest colognes for men since its release in 2010.

If you are finding a fragrance that will surely do good with women, then Creed Aventus is our number one suggestion and it will always be the number one recommendation by other men who have used it. A large number of people go even as far as stating that Aventus Creed is an excellent men’s perfume and honor it the best men’s cologne of all time.

In this Creed Aventus review you will discover if the hype circling this perfume is real or not.

Just like many other fragrances of this kind, Creed Aventus falls in the top premium price range

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Creed Aventus Best Price

Creed Aventus Best Price

This perfume is available in 5 sizes whereas the most popular sizes are 50 and 100 ml. Here is The Natural Idea We suggest you, go for the largest size available to receive the biggest value for your money.

Because then the bottle will last you forever because you will probably just wear this to special events.

Trust our suggestion. You’ll repent going for the smallest size, because once you become a fan of this heavenly fragrance then you surely have to buy it twice.

What Does Aventus Creed Smell Like?

Creed Aventus smell

The first thing people ask when it comes to cologne as expensive as Aventus Creed is certainly, “How Does Aventus Creed smell?”

So Here Is The Answer: Creed Aventus smells like a classic masterpiece in the world of fragrances, that shines with its well-blended fragrance and a powerful presence and long-lasting performance. This scent has really earned its rating and the tag of being the king of perfumes. This one is not only the best fragrance by Creed out in the market, but it’s the most solid luxury perfume you can buy. This perfume has earned a rating of 5/5 by the users and reviewers, worldwide.

It is a very sweet fragrance that carries the essence of masculinity and great achievements. If someone smells Aventus Creed they will immediately think of success, leadership, luxury, and fame. You can feel that Aventus is an expensive yet powerful perfume and you will love it.

What Are The Creed Aventus Notes?

Creed Aventus Notes

Aventus Creed opens with a powerful and sweet pineapple note ( which is our
personal favorite), mixed with bergamot, fresh apple and blackcurrant.

The next thing you notice is the heart notes of this fragrance particularly the smoky, woody birch note. The sweet top notes combine with musky heart notes is excellent and gives Creed Aventus the scent that makes everyone go wild for it..

The Creed Aventus end note is a pleasing vanilla note that absolutely rounds of the fragrance.

Top Notes > Apple, Pineapple, Bergamot, Blackcurrant

Heart Notes > Jasmine, Rose, Birch, Patchouli, Juniper Berry

Base Notes > Ambergris, Oakmoss, Musk, Vanilla

What Are The Best Creed Aventus Batches? How To Find One?

There are infinite online discussions where fragrance detectives investigate how fruity or smoky every batch of Aventus Creed is.

Where some reviewers have gone very far and they carry a thorough analysis of each batch of Aventus Creed and document it. Finding Aventus batches with the accurate amount of these fruity and smoky notes has become a popular thing for Creed addicts.

Aventus enthusiasts constantly argue over the best batches and the differences between each batch.

But are there really any differences between Aventus batches and is it true that there are batches batch that is better than others?

Fragrance companies ensure that all batches smell identical with the help of modern production methods and possess strict quality control. Artificial components are required to achieve this result.

Creed company always states that they are very careful regarding their strict quality check, but there can be some modifications in batches for instance if they have to buy some ingredients from a different place or location.

Still, those changes are so tiny, that our nose is not at all capable to notice that. Therefore there it is just a time waste to-go and hunt batches of Aventus Creed. You can leave that to the Aventus fragrance fanatics

Why Is Creed So Expensive?

While buying a new fragrance for men, there is always one question that runs in our head:

Will I be different than others? Will other guys smell like me?

Then let me assure you, that you don’t have to worry about this when you have used Creed Aventus on your body.

It may seem like Creed Aventus is pretty mainstream if you search online for the reviews, but it’s true that in real life, you will rarely meet someone who uses Aventus .

The main reason is obviously its price, which is on the high side. Besides the perfume community, there will be very few who know that this perfume exists and they normally choose regular designer perfumes like Chanel or Dior

If you are looking for a unique mens cologne, then just go for Aventus. You won’t go wrong with this option. You will surely stand out from the crowd and this product is a true sign of premium and luxury.

Is Creed Aventus The Best Fragrance To Attract Females?

If you search in online forums for a perfume that attracts women, more likely you will get a recommendation of using Creed Aventus.

But will this really work?

Obviously there is no magical perfume or fragrance that can get you women of your liking.

However, there is a positive effect that this perfume has on ladies and if you wear it and walk by females, you will certainly get good compliments.

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Creed Aventus is actually a classic and a masterpiece in the world of mens colognes.

Are there other colognes similar to Creed Aventus? – Yes

Is creed Aventus the most desirable fragrance on the market? – No, it’s not. There are many more.

However, Creed Aventus is one of those great classic perfumes that just beat other competitions and will live up to every expectation.

As we have reached the end of our review of Creed Aventus we are giving it a rating of 5/5.

Creed Aventus is as reliable as everybody is telling you and one of the best colognes for men that you can buy.

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