7 Best Organic DHA Free Self Tanner in 2022

All About Self Tanner Without DHA: To make your skin appear darker or tanned without treating it with some sort of chemical creams is quite difficult.

But here we will learn how we can use self tanner without DHA, because DHA creates panic for some people.

At first you may think that tanning your whole body with a self-tanner is a better option than sitting out in the sun for hours with tanning oil on.

And yes, while self-tanners helps you limit your exposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays, Which does not mean that all self tanners are good.

I would totally recommend using a Self-Tanner Without DHA specifically made for your facial skin just because they’re specifically made for your face and they are going to work a lot better. Here we will only talk about some self-tanners without DHA.

1. COOLA Organic Sunless Tan Anti-Aging Face Serum

Coola organics self tanner without dha

*Contains vegetable-derived DHA.

First one I want to talk about is from COOLA – Self Tanner without DHA. This is their sunless tan anti-aging face serum. This is 70% organic and this is a gradual tanning face serum.

It also has a skincare benefit and it just contains argan oil, vitamin C, hyaluronic acid and plant stem cells. This product does have DHA, but it’s derived from sugar beet and Eco-Cert approved as a natural tanning ingredient. So no need to be alarmed.

This is really good for your skin, it also gives you that gradual tan.

it’s not going to make you look crazy overnight. I slowly it pretty often so I can use this everyday and it doesn’t end up looking orange or to build up again.

A tanner on your face as well makes sure your face is exfoliated or else it will stick to the dry skin. I find that certain ones will stick to like the dry skin around my nose so as long as you’re well it’s fully the products like this will work well.

I really like the consistency of this. It goes on well as a nice light tropical scent. it doesn’t break me out.

it’s really gentle like I said, it also has some skincare benefits which makes it really great.

Yeah I love this product from COOLA. I would totally recommend this if you want any tanner for your face product.

2. TAN-LUXE The Face – Illuminating Self-Tan Drops (DHA Free)

TAN LUXE The Face self tanner without dha

Next i’ve used to tan my face is Tan luxe the face illuminating self tan drops, they did send me this DHA free self tanning product.

These are in the light medium shade. these are great because they’re so versatile. You can mix it into any of your skincare routine.

My favorite way to use these is actually to mix it into my cream or my oil. Whatever I use to moisturize they feel like it works the best for me.

You can also put this in your serum, moisturizer or anything like that, Don’t use on its own because it is likes a potent color and it’s meant to be mixed with something.

I usually only use about three to four drops on my face just because I don’t want anything too dramatic.  If you do have a darker skin you could do more drops to get more of a deeper glow.

Another great thing about this is that it doesn’t smell like self-tanner so if you are worried about that weird self-tan smell don’t worry about this. I find that these don’t break me out either a really nice option.

Honestly these are so flawless I feel like I’ve never gotten streaky with this the cool ones great as well I’ve never got streaks or anything but do definitely make sure that you wash your hands after use this or you will end up with orange palms and that’s not a good look.

3. Luna Bronze – A Bronze Self Tanner

luma bronze self tanner without dha

So what I usually like to use,  I like to moisturize my dry areas and this is the Luna bronze self tanner without DHA.

This has mandarin lemon myrtle and orange blossom in it. This is a really nice lightweight moisturizer. It’s not too heavy on your skin not too greasy but does give you a nice amount of hydration and when you wake up the next day you won’t have any dry skin.

I also like to use this lotion after I’ve tan just to give my skin hydration. If I can feel like it’s being dried out, this is just a nice moisturizer I would definitely recommend A little bronze.

So next up I will talk about Mousse Tanner’s.

4. COOLA Organic Sunless Tan Express Body Mousse – DHA Free Self Tanning.

COOLA Organic mousse self tanner without dha

The first one that I have here is another DHA free self tanning product from COOLA. This is their sunless tan sculpting mousse. This is also 70 percent organic. It has natural Pina Colada Sun this also contains caffeine and green tea which helps your skin look firmer, smoother also has exotic seeds sugar beet derived DHA, so this is actually a daily use gradual tanning mousse.

If you are very fair naturally like me, I would totally recommend this one because it’s not a mousse that’s going to drastically change your skin tone overnight. It looks a lot more natural so you can use this just for one night.

If you just want a little bit of glow or like it says “you can upgrade me build it up and use it every night until you get glow that you desire.”

I find that this one is a very long lasting on my skin as well it doesn’t fade off, it lasts for about a week.

It has a nice scent, it does smell a little bit like that classic self tanner scent but it’s not too drastic. It does have like a natural piña colada scent which helps to offset that it’s not too strong also comes with this is a 7 fluid ounce bottle.

I’ve used this ton and I feel like I’m not even halfway through yet. This is a really nice self-tanner if you are a beginner or you just want like a nice moose.

Before I move on, I do want to say that it is really important to use a mitt with moose tanner. You can buy mitt on Amazon. Some self tanners actually come with their own mitt.

You know COOLA sells a mitt just for that bronzing mousse but yeah that’s really important it’s going to give you the smoothest application you’re not going to end up with like orange hands.

It is just going to make the application process a lot easier for you the next.

I forgot to mention but the tan mousse this does not have a guide color to it so you can’t exactly see where you’re putting it so you just have to kind of know where you already applied it.

5. Dave’s Sunless Tan – DHA Free Self Tanning

self tanner without dha 00

This special self tanner without dha is always made in small batches to ensure quality and freshness. It is an anti-aging self-tanner that has a soft and creamy texture and gives your skin a medium to dark sunless tan. This company uses few simple organic ingredients such as Organic Argan Oil, CoEnzyme Q10, Hyaluronan and Organic Aloe Gel, Sesame, and Jojoba oil etc.

There is also no orange tint or any streaking with this sunless tanner so no chance of getting your palms orange. The silky and moisturizing texture of the lotion makes it go smoothly and effortlessly for the best coverage possible. One should apply this lotion in 5-6 days gap for best natural tan look, Tthis product is not meant to be used every day even though it is a self tanner without dha.

6. NKD SKN Tinted Tan Dark Liquid – Tinted Tan Liquid

 NKD SKN Tinted Tan Dark Liquid - Self Tanner Without DHA

Another DHA free self tanning I want to talk about is from naked skin this is their tinted tan liquid. This is actually the dark color.

Now this is like a tan water. It has a spray top on it so you spray this all over your body and then use the mitt to really work it in.

This does have the guide color so if you need that guide color I would probably go with this one, just because it’s easier to use and are actually got this on Amazon.

I forgot how much it was but I will give a link below for you girls. it’s a nice really on-the-go option.

The shade dark wasn’t too dark on me. Honestly this is sort of like a gradual product. As well I find this one can especially stick to dry skin too. So if you have any dry patches make sure to really exfoliate and moisturize them well.

7. Lavera Self-Tanning Lotion – Self Tanner Without DHA*

 Lavera Self-Tanning Lotion - Self Tanner Without DHA

*Contains vegetable-derived DHA.

This one is probably my favorite tanning mousse that I own. This is Lavera Self-Tanning Lotion. This is a really nice self-tanner. This comes with a guide color in it so you can tell where you’re applying it.

The directions for this say to apply with a tanning mitt and then allowed to develop for one to six hours and then rinse off in the morning.

I feel like when I apply this overnight and then um I wake up in the morning and rinse it off it looks really good.

I find this doesn’t end up looking patchy on me.

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the COOLA one can patch up around my elbows a lot even though I like moisturize them really well. This one I find it does it a lot less.

Ingredients of Lavera Self-Tanning Lotion – Self Tanner

I really like the packaging, it’s super cute. They also sell a mitt which is the one I’m using currently. It’s a really soft microfiber mitt and I feel like it works perfectly with this tanner. I totally recommend checking out this brand if you guys have heard of them.

They are cruelty free and they use natural ingredients like organic plant oils, flower extracts, herbs, etc. they also never use parabens, fragrances, preservatives, petroleum.

Their selfless tanner lotion uses special soy extracts combined with natural sugar extracts as the active tanning ingredient to replace harmful DHA*.

It’s not going to make your skin smell weird. I don’t find that this has too strong scent.

Once I wash it off there is no problem. It has very minimal scent, not like a traditional self-tanner which smells super weird and you don’t even want to be around anybody.

You smell like a weirdo. It’s not like that at all, it’s a really light scent and when you wash it off in the morning, you get totally flawless bronzed skin.

I say this is more of like a medium shade. This one is the best self tanner without DHA in today’s market.

What to apply with or After Self Tanner?

Tanner like the COOLA one is gradual so it’ll give you more of a gradual built up tan.

This is more of a drastic can, so if you have medium to deeper skin, I recommend this one or you just want more of a dramatic tan you can check this one out.

Luna Bronze tanning moisturizer

Luna Bronze tanning moisturizer

This is Luna Bronze tanning moisturizer. This is a gradual moisturizer. If you want more of a customized built up glow I’d recommend this or if you have really pale skin and just don’t want a drastic change I would suggest you to check this out.

This contains a blend of nourishing and hydrating oils. It replenishes your skin while building a natural tan. So if you do have dry skin, I will be recommending a moisturizer compared to like a mousse just because it’s going to nourish your skin more.

You won’t end up with dry patches or any sort of like clear texture on your skin. It’s a really nice gradual moisturizer.

Self-Tanning Lotion from Luna Bronze

Next up I have a self-tanning lotion from Luna Bronze this is not a gradual tanner.

It’s a six hour tanning lotion so it says to apply evenly to dry skin and then you allow the fully absorb before dressing then you also wait six hours for this before washing off.

self tanning lotion from Luna Bronze

What I like to do is that, I apply this with my hands any sort of lotion I feel like applies better with my hand.

I only use a mitt for the Moose’s and liquids but I would just apply this and make sure you really wash your hands.

Be careful after you do because sometimes I’ll have like water drip and then the next day I see just a streak of my regular skin tone, it does not look good.

So make sure you wash your hands very careful. Then dry them off before you go anywhere.

I forgot to mention is do make sure that all your tanner is fully dried before you put clothes on or else it will ruin your clothes.

It’ll get everywhere, it’ll streak, it’ll smudge, and it won’t look good. Make sure you’re fully dry.

Most of the time I like to take a shower, kind of like, let my hair dry and then I’ll do my tanner let that dry and then usually get dressed.

I feel like if I have a robe it doesn’t interfere with it if you are like worried about it getting on your clothes just throw a robe on the body.

Recommendation to Self tanners for Beginner

if you’re a beginner to self tanner you want to get into totally recommend starting with the Tan Luxe products just because they’re so easy to use and you can customize them in your skin care routine. You can adjust what you want your tan to look like.

You can use just a couple of drops for a light tan or like I said you can add more for a deeper glow.

My favorite way to use the face and also the body drops is actually to mix them into oil. I usually do like two to six drops per body parts. Don’t worry, I have listed self tanner without DHA only, so need to be alarmed.

So if you’re doing your leg, pump some oil in your hand and add a couple drops of this and then rub it in then go on to the next leg. Do it limb by limb so you kind of get even amount.

Because you are applying a self-tanner on you can also put this into a body lotion or cream. Basically anything you want you can mix this in and put it on your body.

So, well it’s the tan you could put this in any of your facial cream you want. I love these because they’re just so easy to use and really foolproof.

This was our list and guide to organic self tanner without DHA. Let us know in the comment section, which one you are getting for you.


What is DHA Free Self Tanner?

Well, a closer look at the ingredients lists of a self-tanner reveals that the active ingredient in Self tanner without DHA is something called erythrulose. 
And what is this erythrulose? Well, it is the same thing as DHA!

What are some organic self tanners without DHA ?

Here is the list of Best Natural and Organic Self Tanner that you can buy in today’s market for DHA free self-tanning.

What is the best self tanner without DHA?

This one is probably my favorite and best self-tanner that I own. This is Lavera Self-Tanning Lotion. This is a really nice self-tanner.

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