Natural and Organic Hairspray

Non toxic hair spray: Something people both male and female often use on a daily basis is hairsprays.

Hairsprays keeps your hair tame, stops all annoying frizz, and makes sure that your hairstyle looks as good as it did the moment when you left your house for the day.

As hair spray is often used every day, or most days of the week, making sure you are using some healthy non toxic hair spray options that are natural, organic, and safe for your hair.

When you use beauty products that are full of toxic and harsh chemicals, that can do serious harm to your hair a health, and as you are using them often,

you are exposing yourself to those unnecessary chemicals that will continually build up in your body over the days and years.

non toxic hair spray

When this happens, your body is not able to expel and process all of these chemicals. The buildup of these harsh chemicals in your body can lead to a wide range of health concerns ranging from allergic reactions to even certain diseases and even cancers.

Since there are many ways that toxic harsh beauty care products can make you sick and harm your body internally, finding the best non toxic hairspray option is better decision you can make. Luckily, there are ton of healthy non toxic hair spray options that you can use and these hairsprays work just as well as conventional hairsprays.

Non Toxic Hair Spray Guide 

The best non toxic hair sprays combine plant-based ingredients, essential oils, little to no alcohol, and no aerosols.

In a bit, I’ll share a few of my favorites! But first, let’s learn what ingredients to avoid and which ones to look for.



Phthalates have been classified as environmental toxins and have been strictly banned in the EU from use in toys and baby care products.

They are in everything from plastic packaging to nail polish, perfume, toys, skin care products, shampoos, deodorants, perfumes, and yes – hairsprays.

In all these applications, phthalates are used to make brittle and stiff polymers more flexible and soft.

Hairspray manufacturers use phthalates for preventing the notorious helmet-hair effect that older generation hair sprays have.

Phthalates are currently going through scientific scrutiny as a result of high levels being found in women in their childbearing years.

Ahead of the US (at least in this case), European Parliament has already issued consumer alerts and prohibitions on the use of dibutyl-phthalate (DBP) in beauty products.

The concern is that they are suspected of causing birth defects, liver and kidney damage and hypersensitivity in the immune system.

They infiltrate the body when inhaled or absorbed through the skin – both of which occur when using hair spray. So its good to use non toxic hair spray ; any day.


This is a naturally occurring preservative that’s used in hairsprays (and many other cosmetic products) to prevent and kill mold and bacteria growth.

Unfortunately, formaldehyde has been deemed both a human carcinogen and an environmental toxin and has been linked to cancer of the nose and lung cancer.

Repeated exposure to this chemical can lead to allergic skin reactions, immune system damage, inability to urinate and internal bleeding.

If you’ve already been exposed to formaldehyde from household materials such as wall insulation or carpet adhesives…

(and considering its prevalence – you probably have)

…adding hairspray-released formaldehyde might be what pushes your exposure past the tipping point.


What does the word ‘fragrance’ mean anyway?

This term was created to help companies protect their ‘intellectual property’ or their ‘secret formula.’

The ‘fragrance’ or ‘natural fragrance’ described on hairspray labels is just a catch-all term for introducing chemicals in such low concentrations that they don’t warrant a report.

Since there is no requirement to list individual fragrances, it’s almost impossible to know exactly what you’re putting on your body.

If just the term “fragrance” is listed on the label, you could be putting on a combo of up to 100 individual synthetic fragrances that are hazardous to your health.

These minute levels of ingredients have been associated with everything from respiratory distress to dermatitis and allergies.

It also causes multiple chemical sensitivities with a mixture of symptoms like disorientation, mood disorders and breathing difficulty for hypersensitive individuals.


Propylene glycol is a synthetic petrochemical mix commonly used as a skin-conditioning agent.

It is manufactured from the same chemical used to create solvents, hydraulic fluids, and antifreeze – you know thestuff that can withstand low temperatures and is used to top up your car fuel so it doesn’t freeze?

Propylene glycol is classified as a skin irritant and penetrator, which allows other toxins and chemicals to reach the bloodstream.

It has also been associated with hives, dermatitis, and allergic reactions as well as kidney and liver toxicity in humans.


Alcohol acts as a water and oil solvent that dries up the skin quickly.

However bad it may be, its potential scalp and skin irritation isn’t the big concern here.

It can lead to far more serious health consequences.

When alcohol is coupled with hydrofluorocarbons and other ingredients (as found in hair sprays), it increases its absorption rate and can lead to acute poisoning.

Inhaling significant amounts can lead to breathing problems, low blood pressure, and even a coma.


Plant-based natural hairsprays are healthier alternatives that remove the hocus pocus concoction of chemicals to provide shinier locks without compromising on hold and volume.

Here are some natural ingredients to look for in healthier non toxic hair sprays:


Geranium contains high antioxidant and flavonoid content that helps fight against free radicals and keep the hair healthy and strong.

It also helps prevent hair loss because it contains a high content of amino acids – the building blocks of healthy hair.

Geranium helps regulate serum production to serve as an excellent treatment for dandruff.


Native to Europe, Asia, and the Mediterranean, oregano is beneficial for hair and can heal scalp conditions (like dandruff) that affects hair growth.

It also stimulates hair growth and can help combat dermatitis, scalp inflammation, and hair loss.


Rosemary is an herb that has been used for centuries as an effective hair care ingredient. It helps to stimulate blood circulation in the scalp to counter hair loss.

It also contains analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties, which make it an excellent ingredient for soothing inflamed scalps.

It’s even known to add shine and thicken thin, lusterless hair.

Some other ingredients to look out for are:

Ylang ylang

Our Choice of 5 Best Natural and Non Toxic Hair Sprays:

Now that we know harsh chemical infused hairsprays are dangerous for your hair, skin, organs, and our mother planet, using a healthier option is the only way.

It can be very challenging finding a natural hairspray that has used great ingredients and that also works well on your hair,

So we did a research and put together all the products in a list for the 10 best natural hairsprays to help get you started. Let’s take a look at the products listed below and why each of the product is so good.

1. Herbal Choice Mari Organic Hairspray

non toxic hair spray nature brand
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When a certified natural hairspray that actually works, you need to go out and buy it! This natural and organic hairspray is healthy and clean but will keep your hair frizz-free and held all day long, but it will perform a bit differently than chemical-based harsh hairspray options.

The ingredients are as simple as it gets with purifies water, organic vodka, organic brown sugar, organic geranium oil, organic sweet orange oil, organic green tea, organic sage herb, organic thyme herb, organic bergamot oil, organic olive, and rosehip oil.

2. John Masters Organics Natural Hairspray

John Masters Organics non toxic hair spray
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Another great certified natural hairspray option, this spray in non-aerosol and made with clean ingredients that will not harm your hair or body, or the Earth. This is a medium hold product that uses xanthan gum and Acacia Senegal gum instead of polymers and glue like in conventional hairspray. This organic hairspray is also non drying, will not clog your pores, and is lightweight and will never weigh your hair down.

The only other ingredients in this option are aloe leaf juice, alcohol, bergamot oil, glycerin, fermented water and yeast.

3. Andalou Naturals Sunflower & Citrus Brilliant Shine Hair Spray

Andalou Naturals non toxic hair spray
natural hairspray and organic hairspray

This organic hairspray is more like a traditional hairspray and will perform the closest to the real. They use natural and nourishing ingredients for your hair such as aloe, chamomile flower, lavender, fruit stem cells, sunflower seed extract, white tea, hibiscus, and tangerine oils.

There are very few ingredients that are not the healthiest for you, but if you want something very close to conventional hairspray as possible, but still a lot better than most of the chemical infused brands on the market, this will be your best choice.

Andalou natural hair spray is also a good transition hairspray from conventional to organic. Once you use this more natural version you can then try even more cleaner brands like the certified organic options above.

4. Shea Moisture Coconut Hibiscus Hold & Shine Daily Moisture Mist

Shea Moisture non toxic hair spray
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Although different than both conventional and most natural hairspray, this is more like a hairspray-like alternative that many people love to use day to day. It is best for people who have thicker and curlier hair and need to take care of frizz and curls. Straight hair would be too weighed down by this option.

While smoothing and conditioning thick hair and curls, it also provides a light and soft hold to keep your hair looking the best it can. It will also add lots of beautiful shine and moisture to your hair while also reducing damage and breakage.

5. Organic Aloe Vera SPRAY for Body & Hair

Organic Aloe Vera non toxic hair spray
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If you really want to try out something natural and different, go with this option!

It is a simple organic aloe vera spray you can use on both your hair and your body. It’s a true double-duty product. The slightly sticky but lightweight aloe formula will smooth your hair, but also keep your hair in place during the day.

It is a non-greasy formula, so you will not have slimy greasy looking hair if you use a bit of this product on your hair. If you have thicker hair or curly hair you may get better results than someone with thin and fine hair.

Dangers of Using Conventional Hairspray

Just a few examples of toxic ingredients in hairspray are as follows:

  • parabens.
  • benzyl salicylate.
  • lilial.
  • eugenol.
  • petrochemical plastics polymers.
  • synthetics fillers.
  • artificial fragrances.

One of the biggest issues we see with popular conventional hairspray is the use of plastic as one of the main ingredients.

Plastic is put into the product through dissolved polymers or a variety of glues.

The scariest part is the same plastic use in your hairspray is the plastic they use to hold plywood together Yikes!

The plastic in the hairspray allows your hair to relax. The little plastic particles create a layer on your hair that helps keep frizz at bay and hairstyles in place.

So many hairsprays leave your hair looking tight and shiny, which is often not the best look anyway.

When you spray hairspray into your hair, either from an aerosol can or a pump bottle, those plastic polymers, along with the many other chemicals found in there, disperse into the air around you. Since the mist of the hairspray can easily breathed into your mouth, nose, and lungs. The harsh chemicals in the toxic hairspray can also enter your body through your skin and from there it goes into your bloodstream.

Using Harsh hairsprays can also lead to the following health concerns:

  • Kidney damage
  • Lungs damage
  • Irritation of mucous membranes
  • Toxic chemical buildup in the organs and the brain
  • Skin damage
  • Certain cancers and diseases
  • Eye and nose irritation


Now that we have learned a bit about the dangers and risks of conventional and harsh hairspray, what ingredients to avoid, and that there are so many great natural hairsprays and organic hairsprays, switching to one of the organic options above should be a good choice. Go get rid of that toxic harsh hairspray in your bathroom and go give one of these organic and natural hairspray a shot. We know you will not be disappointed!



Using hair spray everyday can damage your hair since it’s usually combined with washing your hair daily to remove its effect. Our hair produces natural oils that act as moisturizers and protectants, but the daily use of hair spray and other hair care products disrupts natural oil production. This can lead to dry and unhealthy looking hair.


Hairsprays contain alcohol that can dry out skin, causing it become dehydrated, which ages your skin.

Hair sprays usually also contain repellents that are known to cause skin irritation and itchy red bumps. For this reason, you should look for a non toxic hair spray option.


Certain ingredients in hairsprays such as propylene glycol is linked to adverse health effects in human. However, more research is still needed to verify these claims.

I hope this quick Non Toxic hair spray guide helps you find the best one for your hair type!


Hello, I am Benjamin from The Natural Idea team. I love to write about Organic Beauty Products and Celebrity Beauty Gossips.

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