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Fragrances these days are being created for your enjoyment and can recall you about a season or an area like there are Perfumes that smell like the Ocean, and Bond No. 9 on the other hand reminds you of the fragrance of New York City, for sure. Bond No. 9 is all about New York, and the beautiful ladies.

Bond No. 9 came into the market in the year 2003 and in a few years, it became popular for making extraordinary perfumes for women.

Bond No 9 have around 129 different fragrances, so there is a fragrance for each type of woman out there. Every lady will find her own perfume.

Bond No. 9 Perfumes For Her

What is more extraordinary about this perfume is that the bottles have an exotic appearance.

the bottles of Bond No. 9 are star-shaped and reminds you of the Hollywood star. Each of the Bond No. 9 perfume bottle is specially planned and designed to the theme of the fragrance.

Even if you have used the fragrance till the last drop, you can keep the stylish bottle for a fashionable accessory on the shelf in your apartment. The fragrance and the look of Bond No 9, both are unique features of this scent.

In this article, we will be talking about the list of best Bond No. 9 perfumes for her and explain the diverse range of fragrances that are crafted of women by this brand.

If you are in a rush and don’t like to read lengthy product reviews, containing lots of details, you can jump right into the Top Rated User’s Choice List (These are the most popular perfumes by users on Amazon ).

Our Top Choices for Bond No. 9 Women Perfumes

Image Product Details   Price
61Sy s7sr L. SL1000 Bond No. 9 The Scent of Peace EDP – 3.3 oz Fragrance Notes: musk, blackcurrant, hedione, lily of the valley, grapefruit, cedarwood Check Price
Chinatown by Bond No. 9 for Women – 3.3 oz EDP Spray Fragrance Notes: Bergamot, Peach blossom, Peony, Tuberose, Gardenia Check Price
812GDd2ghwL. AC SL1500 Broadway Nite by Bond No. 9 For Women. Eau De Parfum Spray 3.3-Ounces Fragrance Notes: Rose. Honeysuckle, Iris Aldehyde, Green Violet Cedarwood, Musk, Sweet Amber, Heliotrope, Vanilla Beans Check Price

The 5 Best Bond No. 9 Perfumes For Her – Our Reviews:

Bond No. 9 [ The Scent Of Peace] – Top Pick

Bond No. 9 The Scent Of Peace

The Bond No 9 Scent of Peace for her – This was released back in 2001. It is an amazing, one-of-a-kind perfume for women.

A delightful blend of grapefruit and black currant notes with lily of the valley, cedarwood, and musk base notes.

The Scent of Peace Perfume is categorized as a niche perfume. The niche perfume is a high-end perfume that is made with only the best quality ingredients like, roses, jasmine, iris, orphan, or mimosa. Such a perfume is made in the perfume capital of Graz, France by mixing these ingredients delicately. In the production of niche perfumes, companies do not pay much attention to their packaging when making such perfumes as here the smell is the key.

This perfume for women is one of the best bond 9 perfumes for her. You can check the price of this perfume on Amazon.

Top notes: grapefruit, black currant

Middle notes: lily of the valley

Heart notes: cedar, musk

  • The best Bond No. 9 perfume for her
  • The fresh and sweet smell that is suitable for summertime
  • Fit for younger women because of the sweet notes
  • A little too sweet for mature women
  • Some saying that it doesn’t last long

[Chinatown] by Bond No. 9 for Women

Bond No. 9 Chinatown

Chinatown by Bond No 9 for Women was released in the year 2005. The perfumer of this perfume was Aurélien Guichard.

The top notes of the fragrance combine soft peach blossoms with bergamot. The heart notes are a melody of gardenia, honey, tuberose, peony, and orange blossoms.

The fragrance is based on patchouli, cedar, vanilla, sandalwood, passionate cardamom, and guava. So you will get an awesome smell of patchouli in this perfume.

Do you know what does patchouli smells like? You can also read about some awesome smelling patchouli perfumes and candles by clicking here.

This perfume has an unusual and special fragrance that is actually fit for both women and men. The perfumer of this perfume took inspiration for the dreamy look of the perfume bottle from the Ming Dynasty. Chinatown is a true combination of freshness and spiciness. You can also check the price of this perfume on Amazon.

Top notes: peach blossom, bergamot

Middle notes: gardenia, honey, tuberose, peony, orange blossom

Main notes: patchouli, cedar, vanilla, sandalwood, cardamom, guava

  • A unisex and versatile perfume
  • Can be worn as a daily perfume
  • Sweet and oriental fragrance suitable for summertime
  • Can be a little much on the sweet side for older people
  • No specific notes that are suitable just for her or him

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Bond No. 9 [Broadway Nite]

Bond No 9 Broadway Nite

Broadway Nite by Bond No.9 is a majestic perfume that came out in the year of 2003. The fragrance is dedicated to a street called Broadway, which is the famous New York Avenue known for the home of some iconic theaters.

Broadway is a vibrant street full of events and experiences. That’s why this unique flower-like perfume was created to mix in with spirit of the Broadway. The creator of this perfume is none other than Mr. Maurice Roucel.

If you are searching for a perfume that draws the attention of people around you then you don’t have to look further, because this perfume does the trick for you. Broadway by Bond No. 9 has a remarkable and refreshing fragrance of aldehydes and flowers. You can also check the price of this perfume on Amazon.

Top notes: aldehydes, orphan leaves

Middle notes: roses, irises. heliotrope

Main notes: ambergris, vanilla, cedar

  • Engaging and attractive summer fragrance
  • Suitable to be worn as an everyday perfume
  • Floral oriental scent
  • Might be too strong for younger ladies

[Union Square] by Bond No. 9

Bond No. 9 Union Square

The perfume came in the market in 2013. This perfume is created by perfumer Stephen Nilsen.

This is a flower-like scent for our modern women. The fragrance is fresh, exciting, and calming. This scent is best for springtime and summertime. You can also check the price of this perfume on Amazon.

Top notes: grass, lily of the valley

Middle notes: white freesia, birch

Main notes: musk, amber

  • One of the best fragrances for spring and summertime
  • A fragrance that is suitable for mature women
  • Can be worn only in the daytime, too light for a night out

[Madison Avenue] by Bond No. 9

Bond No. 9 Madison Avenue

This rich and luxurious perfume was designed in honor of New York’s Madison Avenue, an iconic street full of the most famous fashion stores.

Madison Avenue by Bond No. 9 was released in the year 2016.

The scent opens with delightful fruity notes and berries.

The heart of this perfume is full of fragrances of magnificent flowers, such as magnolia, rose, and jasmine. The base notes of Madison Avenue by Bond No. 9 are praline, ambroxan and patchouli. You can also check the price of this perfume on Amazon.

Top notes: apple, blackberry bergamot

Middle notes: rose, jasmine, magnolia

Main notes: patchouli, praline, ambroxan

  • Sweet and fresh fragrance fit for everyday use in the summertime
  • Younger ladies will love the freshness of this perfume
  • One of the most current releases from the Bond No.9 brand
  • Might be too sweet and light for mature women
  • Some says that it doesn’t last longer than 4 hours

Final Words

The appearance and smell of Bond No. 9 perfumes are very attractive. The bottles are star-shaped, so it would be fun for the ladies to have it on the shelf.

The fragrances of bond no 9 for women are charming and versatile, most of them are suitable for summertime on the beach or a romantic evening. You can also read out article on the best perfume that smells like the ocean.


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